The Middle Grade Book Subscription Box Round Up

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My YA Book Subscription Box Round Up has been wildly successful so I’ve decided to help out the younger readers out there. As a Youth Services “Librarian,” I read lots of juvenile and middle grade fiction. For those not familiar with the term, Middle Grade describes tweens or kids ages 9-12 years old. These boxes are designed with those readers in mind.

This list will be continually updated so feel free to check back. If I’m missing a box, please let me know!

Last updated: 10/26/20

This article was started with the information I found online through unboxings, comments on social media, and information shared with me as well as my personal experiences. *Indicates summarized information (and opinions) from other people who have purchased the box in question.

Yes, it is true that some of the “good” and the “bad” may just be a one-time fluke. You might have subscribed to the box with no problems but other people had issues and problems worth bringing to attention. As with any purchase, do your own research. You can make your decisions about what works best for you. This article is simply meant as guide that gives information on all one one page to review.

Amazon Prime Book Box
Location: US
Price: $19.99 + Free shipping
Shipping Time: 5 days after the preview email is sent.
Focus On: 4 boxes available: Ages 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12
Typically Contains: 2 hard cover books [or 4 board books for babies]
The Good:
Preview box before it goes out.
You have several options of books you can choose.
Looks through your recent purchases on Amazon so they won’t send you duplicate titles.
You can subscribe monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months.
You can skip months.
The Bad: Amazon owned. US only.

Between The Bookends
Location: US
$35 + S&H OR mini box $16.99 + S&H
Shipping Time:
First week of the month
Typically Contains:
2-3 books & 4-5 age appropriate beauty or lifestyle products
The Good:
More books! (They aren’t new releases.)
Items are fun and ‘on brand’ for most tween girls.
Offers mini box with 1 book & 2-3 beauty/lifestyle items.
The Bad:
It’s not gender neutral. Designed with tween girls in mind.
US only
Products aren’t high value if that’s something that’s important.
No fandom items if that’s important

Coffee and a Classic
Location: US
PriceStarter: $29.99 + S&H Standard: $40.99 + S&H
Shipping Time: 19th-23rd of the month
Focus On: Classic children’s title [other box options include classic literature and classic non-fiction]
Typically Contains: Starter: classic book, drink, 2 bookish items & bookmark. Standard: classic book, drink, snack, mug, 2 bookish items, bookmark & photo box
The Good:
Don’t let the name fool you. Every box has the option of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.
Beautiful editions of classic books.
Since they’re older titles, you as the grown up should have an idea if the book is a good fit for your tween. [Bonus: you might be able to share a childhood favorite with your kiddo!]
The Bad:
No new Middle Grade releases here.

Owlcrate Jr
Location: CA but ships from the US
Price: $27.99 + S&H
Shipping Time: 15th-20th of the month
Typically Contains: 1 new MG book, items from publisher, Owlcrate JR pin, and 3-5 items
The Good:
Box is designed with kids in mind.
Lots of items to play and learn with.
You won’t see many ‘adult’ items [candles, book sleeves, other big fandom items Owlcrate sends to older readers] in this box.
Signed editions! And occasionally exclusive OCJ editions.
The Bad:

Owl Post Books
Location: US
$32.99 (Imagination box) or $14.99 (Book of the Month)
Shipping Time:
1st box ships immediately
Typically Contains
: 3 books, small toy, & interactive box (Imagination Box)
The Good:

Offers boxes for 0-3, 4-7, 8-11, & YA
Free US shipping
YA Writer’s Subscription (YA book + writing materials)
The Bad:

Doesn’t appear to feature new releases.

Spearcraft Middle Grade Edition [Closed]
Location: US
Price: $27.50 + S&H
Shipping Time: 20th-27th of the month.
Typically Contains: 1 new release Middle Grade book and 4-8 other items
The Good: Fun items for young readers.
The Bad: Many of the items are made by Spearcraft so won’t find many products from other companies here.

VIBookcrate Jr Taking a break from subscription boxes
Location: CA
Price: $25+ S&H
Shipping Time: First week of the month
Typically Contains: Middle Grade book, 2-3 related items, bookmark & pin, exclusive access to online content for kids and parents.
The Good:
Great affordable option for Canadian subscribers.
Items are really designed with kids in mind.
Adult reader might not appreciate the items as much.
The Bad:
Canada and US only.

Share Your Experiences

This article was started with the information I found online/my personal experiences. If you have information for a box that you’d like to share, please contact me. I have a form here, leave a comment (if you don’t want the comment published say so and I’ll just use your info), or DM me on Instagram. I’ll add your information to the post as I have time.

Book lovers are in this together. I will continually sing the praises of a company that I love. I also want to warn other of sketchy companies or just alert them to slow shipping.

Smaller boxes! Are you interested in being added to this list? I’m open to reviewing and unboxing here and Instagram. If you’d like to send a box for an honest review (the good, the bad, and the beware), feel free to contact me.

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