Welcome To The Online Book Community

Hello friend! Welcome to the bookish part of the internet. I’m here to give you a quick introduction to a lot of fun things about the online book community.

The Different ‘Communities’

  • Book Blog – a blog focusing on books
  • Bookstagram – an Instagram account focusing on books
  • BookTok – a TikTok account focusing on books
  • BookTube – a YouTube account focusing on books

You can join all the communities or you can focus on just one. You can be a creator or a viewer. Many people end up as a mixture of the options

Don’t have the time and/or energy to actively follow or engage in one of those communities? Try a Facebook group focused on books. You can search for a group focused on a book box (see below). Something more general like a YA specific or a general book box group might work for you. Every group feels different so don’t worry about not being a good fit. Leave the group at any time or ask them for other group recommendations. These groups work together to stay up to date with bookish info so you don’t have to do everything alone.

Other Bookish Websites

Still not sure what to make of the bookish internet? I’ve gathered up some bookish websites and apps for you to try. Feel free to browse them as you have time.


You might not be friends with people who love reading as much as you do but there’s an entire corner of Instagram called Bookstagram that loves books. This online community loves to share pretty books & what they’re currently reading.

Want to try your hand at bookstagram? Here’s my advice to get you started.

Book Boxes

Book subscription boxes are packages containing at least a book. They can be part of a subscription or you can buy them as one off boxes.

Exclusive Books

Now that you’ve discovered some awesome new books, you may want to buy some pretty editions of those books. I’ve complied a list of the best stores to buy exclusive editions from.


You are a reader & welcomed in the community if:

  • you read one book this year
  • you read 100 books this year
  • you read ebooks
  • you listen to audiobooks
  • you read manga or graphic novels
  • you read Young Adult books
  • you read romance
  • you read a genre that makes you happy
  • you don’t own a single book
  • you own an entire library in your house


I want this to be a quick intro to the online bookish world. Have a question or topic that you think should be here? Ask below. I’ll either respond to you or update this page to help others.