The Book Merch Box Round Up

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I’m here for another box round up. This post is about book merchandise boxes [no books are in these boxes]. The bookstagram world has turned me on to the awesomeness that is book merch! It’s so fun finding merchandise made by companies who love a book (or book series) as much as you do.

As always, this is an ongoing project and will be updated continually.

Last updated: 7/2/21

This article was started with the information I found online through unboxings, comments on social media, and information shared with me as well as my personal experiences. 

*Indicates summarized information (and opinions) from other people who have purchased the box in question.

Yes, it is true that some of the “good” and the “bad” may just be a one-time fluke. You might have subscribed to the box with no problems but other people had issues and problems worth bringing to attention. As with any purchase, do your own research. You can make your decisions about what works best for you. This article is simply meant as guide that gives information on all on one page to review.

This is not a comprehensive list! This is an ongoing project that will be added to and updated as I can. Please share boxes I’ve missed in the comments.

Alchemy & Ink
Location: US
Price: $35+ S&H
Shipping Time: Varies
Focus On: YA and Adult Fiction
Typically Contains: 2 large [10- 12 oz] candles, enamel pin & more!
The Good: Great value. Gorgeous designs.
The Bad: Quarterly and sells out super quick. [Remember to be forgiving as it is a small shop.]

Dio Candle Co [See my unboxings]
Location: US
Price: $20 + S&H [free shipping in the US]; $25 + S&H for single box purchase
Shipping Time: 20th-25th of the month [International] ; 30th-3rd [Domestic]
Focus On: Various forms of media [books, movies] as well as general themes
Typically Contains: 4 candles and an extra small item based on the box theme.
The Good: Super affordable candle box. Free US shipping. Candles are the perfect sample size. Little ‘extra’ item typically makes a great photo prop.
The Bad: Doesn’t focus solely on bookish themes. Candles aren’t exclusive to the subscription [This could be a good thing though if you love the scent!]

DreamyBox by Dreamy & Co
Location: US
Price: $20 + S&H
Shipping Time: End of the month
Focus On: YA fiction
Typically Contains: Print, Bookmark, Woodmark. [Other items included have been enamel pins, pouches, tote bags, etc]
The Good: Affordable box. *~7 items and only 2 were paper.
The Bad:
*Boxes might run late (but seller is communicative about it).
At least once shop stole designs by another artist.

Enchanted Fandom
Location: US
Price: $39.99 + S&H
Shipping Time: ~15th-20th of the month
Focus On: Various Fandoms [books, movies, tv, etc]
Typically Contains: 8+ items. Items vary greatly between boxes.
The Good: *Excellent Customer Service.
The Bad:

Enchanted Fandom Drinking Vessel
Location: US
Price: $15 + S&H
Shipping Time: ~20th-30th of the month
Focus On: Various Fandoms [books, movies, tv, etc]
Typically Contains: 1 Drinking Vessel and 1 Drink Recipe Card
The Good:
Reveals style of drinking vessel and fandom so you can decide if the month’s vessel is right for you.
*Excellent Customer Service.
The Bad:

Fabled Merch [BEWARE]
Location: US
Price: $25- $45+
Shipping Time: see below
Focus on: YA fantasy
Typically Contains:
The Good:

Offers boxes with various items/price points.
The Bad:

*Has the habit of underpaying on shipping so you the consumer have to pay postage to get your order.
*Late, late. Add at least a couple of months to whatever date they give for a shipping date.
*Deletes social media comments
Run by Wick & Fable (see below) so likely the owner is overworked & trying to juggle too much.
Shipping situation has gotten worse since pandemic.
Their “reasons” for delays constantly shift around because they can’t keep stories straight.
Juggling Wick &Fable, Fabled Merch, & Wick and Pour. There’s enough money to run 3 different businesses but not enough money to staff them & ship items properly?
A box that should have shipped in Fall 2020 still hasn’t gone out as of April 2021
Goddess of Books has a great breakdown of everything.

Fables & Nooks Monthly Box [BEWARE]
Location: US
Price: Fables Box: $35.95 + S&H ; Nooks Box: $45.95 + S&H
Shipping Time: ~middle of the month
Focus On:
Typically Contains: Fables: 6-8 items; Nooks: 10+ items
The Good: 2 different price points for different budgets. Wearable item is an optional add on.
The Bad: Box took money and ran before first box was sent. Talk to your bank to get money back ASAP.

Fiction Bath Co. Bath Box [Switched to quarterly]
Location: US
Price: $32.50 +S&H
Shipping Time: ~first week of the month
Focus On: YA fiction with Adult fiction mixed in occasionally.
Typically Contains: Floral milk bath, 4 oz soy candle, shower steamer, lip balms, face mask, & bookmark.
The Good:
Everything is usable.
Hypoallergenic products.
Starting in 2020 the boxes are switching to a quarterly format.
This will allow for more boxes so hopefully it will be easier to purchase a box.
The Bad:
Tend to sell out quickly.
Move FAST if you want something.

Flick The Wick
Location: US
Price: $35 + S&H
Shipping Time: Late in the month
Focus On: YA & Adult Fiction
Typically Contains: 4 oz glass jar candle, 2 oz glass jar candle, two 2 oz black tin candles, & 5-6 bookish items.
The Good: *Great Customer Service
The Bad: *Slow shipping.

Flickerwix Candle Box [My unboxings] [No longer offering monthly boxes; keep an eye out for special boxes]
Location: US
Price: $35 + S&H [Use my link for $5 off your first purchase]
Shipping Time: ~15th of the month (sometimes earlier)
Focus On: Heavy focus on books (specifically YA books) but occasionally generic themes like dragons, villains, etc.
Typically Contains: 4 exclusive candles (mix of 4 oz and 2 oz candles), monthly collectible charm, 4-6 additional items, & custom box.
The Good: Great value. Super customer service.
The Bad: Sells out SUPER quick.

Myths & Sips
Location: US
Price: $29.99-35.99 + Shipping
Shipping Time: 5-10th of the month
Focus On: Bookish fandoms & coffee & tea
Typically Contains: Coffee or Tea or both; 4-5 other items.
The Good:
The Bad:

Nerdy Post
Location: US
Price: From $9.95-38.90
Shipping Time: 15th-20th of the month
Focus On: Books and Movies/TV Shows. Basically all things nerdy.
Typically Contains: Depends on the box you order. See here for what comes in each subscription.
The Good: Spoilers! You can spoil yourself to the type of items that will be in the box. Variety of price points.
The Bad: No big items. Mostly small paper type items. (Or that may be a plus!)

NovellyYours Candle Box
Location: US
Price: $35 + S&H
Shipping Time: End of the month (~20th-27th)
Focus On: Typically Fiction (YA & Adult)
Typically Contains: 9 oz candle, 2 4 oz candles, 2 2 oz candles, print, bookmarks, enamel pin & other goodies
The Good: Great value & customer service.
The Bad: No external vendors so you won’t be able to try other small companies if that’s important to you.

The Monthly Melt by Second Star Books [On break. Will see what’s going on when they reopen]
Location: US
Price: $16 + S&H
Shipping Time: By the 25th of the month
Focus On: YA Fiction and occasionally other fandoms
Typically Contains: Your choice: 8 oz (7 oz wax weight) glass jar OR 8 oz (6 oz wax weight) tin wood wick candle OR wax melt in scent of the month.
The Good:
Just a candle. Perfect if you’re looking to slim down on ‘junk’.
The month before there’s a ‘battle’ with open voting to see what next month’s fandom will be. Currently focusing on Book of the Month YA’s monthly selections for the battles. Back to regular voting.
Great customer service.
The Bad:

Once Upon A BookCase
Location: US
Price: $29 + S&H
Shipping Time: First week of the month.
Focus On: Literature. Mainly classics.
Typically Contains: 1 phone case (you select your phone so it fits), art print, and 1-2 other small items based on book.
The Good:
The case is guaranteed to fit your phone.
No one size fits most here.
Hints are given so you know what book it will be.
Great deal.
Cases sell for $29 by themselves in the etsy store.
The Bad:
May not be the best subscription box idea? [Cases are gorgeous but how many do you need? Absolutely worth picking and choosing books you love.]

Monthy Fandom Candles Box by Spearcraft Book Box Closed
Location: US
Price: $19.99 + S&H
Shipping Time: ?
Focus On: YA Fiction
Typically Contains: One 4 oz glass jar candle and two 2 oz glass jar candles.
The Good: Themes are announced early and it’s easy to skip if a box isn’t to your taste.
The Bad: *Label design isn’t as good as other companies.

Whimsy Crate Closed
Location: US
$25 + S&H
Shipping Time:
Focus on:
Alternates between a book & multi fandoms for each box.
Typically Contains:
5-6 items.
The Good:

Mix of bigger items (candle, mug, pin) & smaller items (bookmarks & print).
The Bad:

Items are made in house. [Items are high quality but if you want items by other shops, you won’t find it here.]

Wick & Fable [Beware; see Fabled Merch]
Location: US
Price: $24.99 (essentials) or $49.99 (deluxe box)
Shipping Time: Very end of the month (~28th or later)
Focus On: YA Fiction
Typically Contains: Essentials: 2 2 oz glass jar candles, 3+ exclusive merch, & exclusive box. Deluxe: 4 oz glass jar candle, 4 2 oz glass jar candles, 8+ exclusive merch & exclusive box.
The Good:
You can subscribe OR buy a one time box.
*Great box.
The Bad:
*Tends to be late shipping.
*If you will subscribe, you’ll likely be charged for your second month before you get your first month’s box.
Juggling W&F, Fabled Merch, & Wick and Pour. There’s enough money to run 3 different businesses but not enough money to staff them & ship items properly?

Share Your Experiences

If you have (good or bad) information for a box that you’d like to share, please contact me. I have a form here, leave a comment (if you don’t want the comment published say so and I’ll just use your info), or DM me on Instagram. I’ll add your information to the post as I have time.

Book lovers are in this together. I will continually sing the praises of a company that I love. I also want to warn other of sketchy companies or just alert them to slow shipping.

Smaller boxes! Are you interested in being added to this list? I’m open to reviewing and unboxing here and Instagram. If you’d like to send a box for an honest review (the good, the bad, and the beware), feel free to contact me.

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