Unboxing: Flickerwix ‘Christmas At The Castle’ Advent Box Holidays 2019

Flickerwix is no longer doing monthly boxes but they are doing occasional special boxes.

Christmas At The Castle is a 12 day advent style box focusing on Harry Potter. I will be updating this post daily with each day’s goodie! Make sure to come back.

Katie included several items to open immediately to hold us over until the box officially starts.

Wizards Merry Melts

These cute wax melts are in a variety of fragrances and HP shapes.

Prints that double as letter and recipe and mints

Dobby Ornament

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Have Yourself A Bookish Christmas: Bookish Holiday Boxes 2019

It might be too early to celebrate the holidays for some people but it’s the time to order some bookish Holiday/ Advent boxes for December.

Here’s an overview of the bookish holiday boxes available this season.

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The Book Merch Box Round Up

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I’m here for another box round up. This post is about book merchandise boxes [no books are in these boxes]. The bookstagram world has turned me on to the awesomeness that is book merch! It’s so fun finding merchandise made by companies who love a book (or book series) as much as you do.

As always, this is an ongoing project and will be updated continually.

Last updated: 7/2/21

This article was started with the information I found online through unboxings, comments on social media, and information shared with me as well as my personal experiences. 

*Indicates summarized information (and opinions) from other people who have purchased the box in question.

Yes, it is true that some of the “good” and the “bad” may just be a one-time fluke. You might have subscribed to the box with no problems but other people had issues and problems worth bringing to attention. As with any purchase, do your own research. You can make your decisions about what works best for you. This article is simply meant as guide that gives information on all on one page to review.

This is not a comprehensive list! This is an ongoing project that will be added to and updated as I can. Please share boxes I’ve missed in the comments.

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