Unboxing: Owlcrate Jr “Elephants On Parade” March 2021

Owlcrate Jr
Price: $27.99 + Shipping [Discounts given with longer subscriptions & Rep codes]
US Based

Spoilers after the jump.

Stuffed elephant from Aurora World

Elephant eraser by OOLY

Elephant gel pen

Exclusive edition of The One and Only Ivan

Book of the Month: The Elephant in the Room by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Plus sticker & bookmark

This box was a bit sparse. Two books are great! The other items? Not so much. But once again, this is an adult’s perspective.

This ends my 3 month subscription. The book choices have been great. The items have been more misses than hits for this adult subscriber. Between that and the $2 increase in subscription, I’ve opted to cancel my subscription. I do still love middle grade books but I think buying items left over in shop is the best option for me. I’m not loving that I’ve been giving away half my items each month.

All in all, great subscription box if you’re in the US & have tween readers. Adult readers who love middle grade books but don’t have children should probably just check out the Owlcrate store.

Want to try another book box? Here’s a helpful guide.

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7 thoughts on “Unboxing: Owlcrate Jr “Elephants On Parade” March 2021

  1. I was curious what was in this box just because I like elephants. I have never bought an OwlCrate Jr. box, but I do agree the items are definitely more exciting for kids. (Which, fair, but as an adult reader I would definitely prefer to just buy the book and not have random stickers and pens and kid games, etc.)


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