Supporting Authors and Their Books When Money Is Tight

Most of us have had a tight budget at one time or another. COVID has made money even tighter over the last year or so. Do not fret, my book loving friend. There are ways you can support authors & their books (particularly new releases) even when you don’t have money to spend.

  • Recommend your library purchase the book.
    • Many libraries have a “Suggest a book” page on their website.
    • You can do this for the physical collection as well as on Overdrive/Libby.
  • Check out the book from your local library.
    • Even placing the book on hold tells the library that the book is of interest to the community.
    • Did you manage to get a hold of the book (from the library, your friend, ebook sale)? Read and review the book.
    • Cross posting a review on Goodreads and Amazon is the most helpful.
      • Have your own blog or bookstagram account? Review the book there as well.
      • Cross post your review to other bookstores as well if you use them.
    • Don’t neglect backlist titles. Maybe you’re not able to get your hands on BRAND NEW TITLE right now. Check your library to see if you can check out the author’s older books. Older books need love too!
  • Ask about it at your local bookstore if you don’t see it in stock.
    • You don’t have to buy the book but asking about a title will bring it to a bookseller’s attention.
  • Add the book to your Goodreads To-Be-Read list (or another similar book tracker).
  • Like or follow the author on social media.
  • Promote/boost the author’s posts about the book.
    • Same thing if the publisher posts about the book.
  • Make an effort to ‘like’ posts featuring the book.
    • If you’re on Bookstagram you know that if you feature a lesser known title, there is a good chance the post will flop/not generate the same number of likes as a post featuring a mega popular title/series.
    • Like, comment, share, and/or save posts that you come across that feature the book. Those small actions give the post a greater boost.
  • Don’t have a copy of the book? No problem.
    • If you’re a bookstagrammer & already have bookish photos, it’s really easy to digitally add the book cover into a photo.
    • I’ve explained my method of editing book covers into photos.
  • Recommend the book when appropriate.
    • Maybe you haven’t read the book yet but you can easily find out what the book is about.
      • Friend: “Hey, know of any new steamy fantasy books I should pick up?”
        You: “Yeah! I haven’t read it yet but X sounds like something you might like.”
  • Post about the book.
    • Are you a book blogger? Add the book to book lists when appropriate.
      • Post examples:
        • X books I want to read this Spring
        • Historical Mysteries You Don’t Want to Miss
        • Various Top Ten Tuesday (or similar meme) prompts
    • Many of my book posts are a mix of books I’ve read, books on my TBR list, and books that have come across my radar.

How do you support authors when money is tight? Drop your replies in the comments and I’ll add your responses in as I have time!

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