Starting a Bookstagram Account With Little to No Money

Bookstagram has only grown in popularity over the years. It’s been an amazing hobby for me. I get to talk books with people who love books as much as I do! It can be really easy to spend a lot of money if you love books as much as I do. Bookstagram is full of bookish candles, flowers, crowns, bookish merch, and of course BOOKS. I’m sure some people have stayed away from making a bookstagram account because they don’t have the money to spend to make their account look they way they want.

I’m here to show you some ideas you can use to get yourself an awesome bookstagram account without breaking the bank.

Here’s how to rock #bookstagram without breaking the bank.

Use Your Phone

You likely have smart phone with a camera. Technology today is pretty great. The camera on your phone is actually pretty decent. MANY bookstagrammers use their phones for their pictures.

My secret is using filters for my editing to make my pictures really pop. I shared my favorite photo editing apps here.

Use What You Have

Shirt from my closet, cup of tea, and a book I already have.

Take a look in your closet! Sweaters are a great photo prop. You can capture the texture of the sweater for a particularly cozy aesthetic. Scarves are also amazing.

Maybe you have some great art or knick knacks laying around. I know you have mugs in the kitchen. Dig it all out and see what it looks like in different set ups.

Beg, Borrow But Don’t Steal

Okay, maybe you don’t have a lot of things that would look good in photos. How about a family member? Friend? Roommate? Ask to borrow a few pieces to see if you like how they look in photos.

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I know you're probably getting a *bit* sick of my Christmas-y photos. I like them and CHRISTMAS IS ONLY 5 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!! Are you ready? I still need to finish off presents for a couple of people and then just wrap everything up. . . I always get compliments on my folding skills so I want to fill you in my secret. ArtFolds (now defunct) was a company that printed books with shaded pages. You simply fold each page where the shaded part indicates and in just few hours you get your very own gorgeous creation. If you can fold a page and follow basic instructions, you can do this very easily. I PROMISE. . . If you search Amazon or B&N for ArtFolds, you should be able to find some books still out in the wild. The company no longer exists so prices are all over the place. If you’re able to snag one for a good price, it’s totally worth it. . . Fun Fact: "Joy" is actually a copy of Anne of Green Gables. I have another one that says "Read" which is a copy of Jane Eyre. I have one more that I still need to fold that reads "Love" which is Sense and Sensibility. . . Challenges | Green & Red Stack | #bibliowivesdec18 . Red & Green Books | #BookstagramReadsDecember . . #ReadingTime #bookdragon #ILoveBooks #IReadYA #mybookfeatures #bookstagramtogether #owlcratesociety #igbooks #booklife #instareads #becauseofreading #booknerdigans #booktography #bookworm #bookstagram #becauseofreading #bookaholic #instareads #bookcommunity #booksbooksbooks #readersgonnaread #bookstagramuncertified #artfolds #bookstack

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Before I bought my own flowers, I would borrow my mom’s.

Protip: If you’re going to borrow other’s belongings, take lots and LOTS of pictures. You can build yourself up a nice backlog of photos to use so you don’t need to constantly borrow things if you don’t want to.

Use Library Books

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Mini Book Review: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor . . ⭐️⭐️⭐️ . . 😵😁😆 . . There's no denying that Laini's writing is beautiful. It really and truly is. It can just be a bit much for my taste. I don't need paragraphs of description when a few sentences will do. The story took SUCH a slow start for me. I had to read almost 200 pages before the story fully grabbed my attention. If it was anyone else, I would have DNF-ed the book and walked away. I trust Laini and really enjoyed the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series which is why I stuck with the book. Ultimately, I am glad that I stuck with it even if I didn't love it in a way that I was hoping. . . Thankfully, the story does get interesting when things get going. I'd say that's about when the group gets to Weep. The characters are really what makes the story shine. The story is crazy long but at least that gave Taylor adequate time to make the characters fully realized. I didn't even mind the instalove going on between the main characters simply because of how well written it was. It was very sweet and charming. . . Beautiful writing and beautiful story if you can stand slow paced writing. . . #minibookreview #emojibookreview #bookreview #ReadingTime #bookdragon #ILoveBooks #IReadYA #bookstagramfeature #mybookfeatures #bookstagramtogether #owlcratesociety #igbooks #booklife #instareads #becauseofreading #booknerdigans #booktography #booklove #bookaddict #igreads #bookworm #bookstagram #booknerdigans #becauseofreading #bookaholic #instareads #booksofinstagram #strangethedreamer

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Don’t have books? No problem, get yourself a library card and you’ll have access to tons of books.

Depending on where your library places the barcode, you may need to get creative with props.

E-books work too! I just turned the brightness way up to make sure you could see the cover.

Try The Dollar Store

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I really know how to live it up on my weekends. So far my ~grand plans~ for this weekend are: finish My Plain Jane, watch To All the Boys I've Loved Before and maybe start Strange the Dreamer. Seriously exciting things going on here. . . . Have you seen To All The Boys I've Loved Before yet? What are your non-spoiler thoughts?! . . . "Time can be rewritten." | Something you'd change in a book | #OfTheBookAug18 | Matthew's death in AoGG. His death wrecked me. He doesn't understand girls but he did everything he could to make Anne happy. He was too good to die! 😭😭 . . Photogenic books | #BookQueensAug18 | #BookstaWarriorAug18 | I'm an Anne lover so I have several copies of her books. This is one of the prettier copies I have. I need to get my hands on more of the Rifle and Co. classics. . . Classics | #FangirlinginAugust | Anne is one of my favorite classics! Yes, I also still need to finish the series. . . 'I'm Your Venus" – OTP | #ClutteredPages | Anne and Gilbert. I haven't reached the book where they marry and I'm in love with them. Gilbert Blythe is easily one of my top book boyfriends.😍😍 . . . #ReadingTime #bookdragon #ILoveBooks #IReadYA #bookstagramfeature #mybookfeatures #bookstagramtogether #owlcratesociety #igbooks #booklife #instareads #becauseofreading #booknerdigans #booktography #booklove #bookaddict #igreads #bookworm #bookstagram #booknerdigans #becauseofreading #bookaholic #instareads #booksofinstagram #anneofgreengables #booksandflowers

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The dollar store can be your best friend. Before I made the jump to buying more expensive flowers, I tried the dollar store. Obviously, selections vary by store but you can find some great bouquets.

Cheap Candles Can Be Just As Beautiful As Expensive, Bookish Candles

Before I had my giant collection of bookish candles from subscription boxes, I checked out my local Wal-mart. Their Mainstays candle collection has 3 oz glass jar candles for ~$1 a piece. They come in bright colors which show up pictures. You could buy an entire rainbow of candles for less than $10.

The dollar store also tends to have a decent collection of candles. I’ve seen some really interesting containers for the candles as well.

Use a Consistent, Clean Background

The easiest way to upgrade your bookstagram account is to have a CLEAN (no laundry, dirty dishes, or toys) background. I’ve seen some people use their wooden dining tables. Others use their white sheets on the beds. You know what you have at home.

I have none of the above so I made a “splurge” purchase of a paper photo backdrop. I spent ~$10 at Hobby Lobby for my wooden background. Just that little change has made my photos look SO much more professional.

What advice to you have to keep bookstagram an affordable hobby?

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5 thoughts on “Starting a Bookstagram Account With Little to No Money

  1. I love this! Awesome recommendations! The best way I’ve found to take cheap and cheerful photos is to take them outdoors, either on my patio or public parks.


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