So You Want To Order A Young Adult Subscription Box: An Overview of YA Book Subscription Boxes

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I may have a bit of an addiction to book boxes. I’m going to say that I’m a book box connoisseur. It sounds better.

I love getting surprises each month. I’ve tried quite a few over the past few years so I thought I would give mini reviews of them.

Overview of most of the YA book boxes out there.
Overview of the MG book boxes out there.
Middle Grade books are written for kids ages 9-12.
Overview of the book merchandise boxes

Fairyloot (UK; £26 +S&H)

My Fairyloot February ‘Beast and Beauty’ Unboxing

Pros: Bigger company means bigger and more interesting items; Heavy focus on YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Cons: UK based means pricing and shipping can be a bit pricey for US people.

Litjoy Crate (US; $29.99 +S&H)

Unboxing of June 2018 box

Pros: Exclusive Dust Jackets with art inside. Has Book Only option. Signed.

Cons: The items tend to be very ‘meh’. I did really like the box I ordered. The items tend to be all over the place in value and consistency.

My recommendation would to be order the book only and skip over the extra stuff.

Owlcrate (US; $29.99 +S&H)

My Owlcrate Unboxings

Pros: One of the biggest in the game today. Lots of money and power to be able to make AMAZING boxes. Top notch customer service. Even if you don’t know or like a fandom, many of the items would still be useful for you. Exclusive cover & hand signed books.

Cons: Focuses on different genres. If you’re a heavy Fantasy/Sci-Fi reader who doesn’t care for Contemporary/Other Genres, you might have to skip around. Lack of Book Only option. [You can often times by overstock books in shop.]

This is my favorite box! If you can only afford one box, Owlcrate is the way to go. [There was a curator change in 2020, I’ve been rather disappointed with the change.]

Shelflove Crate (US; $29.99 +S&H)

Unboxing 1 and 2

Pros: Focus on YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Decent enough products.

Cons: Be wary of delays and lack of communication. Has been known to blacklist customers who express negative opinions or despair about lack of communication.

Spearcraft Book Box (US; $29.99+S&H)

My Spearcraft Unboxings

Pros: Lots of items for your money. Tends to be more YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi books. Deals are continually being offered so you can get a box or subscription cheaper than price above.

Cons: Smaller box so they don’t have as many high quality items as the big names. You do get quite a few items though with at least 1 high quality item per box.

Unicorn Crate (US; $36.95 + S&H)

My Unboxing of 2018 box

Pros: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books. Unicorn item in every box.

Cons: Tends to overlap with Fairyloot/Owlcrate/Other Boxes. Pricier than other options.

Uppercase Box (US; $23 + S&H)

Unboxing of February 2018

Pros: Less stuff which is nice if you want to de-clutter. Comes with bookmark that gives you exclusive experiences with author and book. Hand Signed book. Book Only Option.

Cons: Items aren’t typically fandom items.

Whimsify (US; $34.95 + S&H)

Unboxing 1 and 2

Pros: Fantasy/Sci-Fi focus. Pricier than other options.

Cons: Very behind with shipping. It’s the end of March and boxes from December/January still haven’t gone out.

Your turn!

What boxes have you really enjoyed and want to recommend?
Are there any boxes you’ve had bad experiences with?


8 thoughts on “So You Want To Order A Young Adult Subscription Box: An Overview of YA Book Subscription Boxes

  1. I love UnicornCrate and I agree that OwlCrate is one of the best boxes in the business. Im not a fan of Fairyloot, I know myself and many others have had a lot of bad experiences with them in the past. They tend to engage in shady or deceptive business practices.


  2. I love how honest this post is, especially with how behind/shady some of the companies can be. I find a lot of subscription boxes have been having issues recently…. agree that OwlCrate is the best though!!


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