Is Is Worth Making Your Bookstagram Account Into A Creator Account?

Bookstagram has become a very popular hobby for bookworms in recent years. Bookstagram is for everyone who loves to read. You have accounts that snap quick shots of what they’re currently reading. You have others who spend hours setting up photos. There’s not a wrong way to do it.

Until recently Instagram had two account types: Personal and Business. Personal is just what it sounds like. It’s the basic account that most people are using. No bells and whistles but you’re easily able to share pictures of your life.

Business is geared towards businesses. Many Instagrammers who take their hobby seriously have switched their accounts to business accounts to unlock the insights. The biggest downside to business accounts is you have to create a Facebook page. It’s not hard to do but it feels unnecessary unless you plan on using a Facebook page.

Instagram (and companies) have started to recognize the power of the influencer (including bookstagram influencers). As a result, Instagram has rolled out a third account type: Creator.

I switched my account to a creator account over a month ago so I’ll share my initial thoughts so far.

Better Insights

One of the reasons I used a business account was to see my insights. The creator account insights are much better. You have most of the same insights with one fun addition.

This is the follower growth insight page. You can only see the past week. When you click ‘see posts’ you can see exactly what was posted (posts and stories) that day. This is really helpful when figuring out what types of photos do well (or don’t do well).

New Inbox

Your inbox is now divided into a Primary folder and a General folder. You do have to do the work of moving messages to the folders but once it’s set up, it’s really nice. Message requests are still there for when people you don’t follow message you.

This could be very helpful for the bookstagrammer who receives lots of messages. You’re able to keep track of important conversations (companies you’re working with or friends) as well as other messages (review requests, other questions and conversations).

Ability to Partner With Companies

Bookstagram influencers are different than influencers in other communities. We don’t (typically) get paid for our work. If that ever changes or you want to work with a company that does branded content, you have the option with the Creator account.

My Thoughts So Far

I love the insights. It’s been really helpful when attempting to figure out the dreaded Instagram Algorithm. [No surprise; Likes went up on story heavy days as well as bookstagram challenge days].

If you wanted to, you could do the work to figure out what hashtags work best for you. You may even be able to figure out what time of day works best.

My follower growth has EXPLODED since I’ve switched to the creator account. I’ve gained almost 200 followers in a month’s time. It’s still to be seen if they are active engaged followers or bots. I’m not sure if the followers are because of the creator account but it was worth mentioning.

Should You Switch To A Creator Account?

Do you love stats and insights?

If you do, I’d say it’s worth trying out a creator account. It’s free, you don’t need to create a Facebook page for it, and you can always switch back if you don’t care for it.

Are you a bookstagrammer using a creator account?
How are you liking it?

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17 thoughts on “Is Is Worth Making Your Bookstagram Account Into A Creator Account?

  1. Just switched to a creator account! Thanks for the heads up, I had no idea it existed! And no I can stop worrying about my Facebook page (they deleted it because I wasn’t using it, I think they thought I was a bot? And I was worried that would effect my IG profile)


  2. This was a super helpful post and I’m definitely considering, now more than ever, changing my Instagram account into a creator account. It sounds like it could be something my account really would benefit from.


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