Bookstagram 101: Partnerships

Bookstagram is about SO much more than ‘free stuff’. If that’s what you’re here for, you’re going to be severely disappointed. You have to do a lot of work to get to the point where people are going to want to work with you.

Here are some of the opportunities in the bookstagram world.

Rep Position

Rep searches are hosted by a small companies typically on Instagram. To enter, you follow the instructions given by the company. Typically, you post a collage or slideshow of your photos and the image given by the company and introduce yourself using a special hashtag.

A rep position is a contract between a bookstagrammer and the company. The company sends the bookstagrammer product(s) over the course of the term. The bookstagrammer takes & posts photos of the product(s) on their account & receives a special code for their followers to use. [Typically they are required to post a few times a week or X times a month.] The company then has quality photos of their product for their storefront/IG account.

The money spent on rep packages is the equivalent of a company’s advertising budget. Sometimes it IS the advertising budget. As a result, they need to focus on the best accounts for the company.

These are some considerations that companies are looking at when deciding on reps:

  1. Photo style/aesthetic
  2. Follower Count
  3. Average Likes
  4. How active the bookstagrammer is
  5. How familiar they are with the account
    1. Is this a frequent purchaser who loves their product?
    2. Is the bookstagrammer a fan who regularly comments on the company IG page?
    3. Did they just enter the search with the hoping of scoring free products?

My biggest piece of advice is produce quality photos and have real interactions with people first and then worry about being a rep later on.

Review Requests

As a bookstagrammer, book review requests are probably going to be the partnership you’ll see the most often.

These partnerships are pretty straightforward. Author contacts bookstgrammer and pitches the book. Bookstagrammer accepts. Bookstagrammer reads and reviews book. Typically, book review is cross posted on Goodreads, Amazon, and other websites.

Things to Consider:

  1. Be very careful when working directly with authors.
    • If possible, use Netgalley or work directly with the publisher.
    • Be mindful of giving out your physical address.
  2. When discussing the book, make sure to mention how you received it.
  3. Honestly is always key.
    • You are certainly allowed to hate a review book.
    • It’s helpful if you explain why you hated a book or why something didn’t work for you.
  4. You know what you enjoy reading. Don’t feel like you have to accept a book simply because it’s being offered. Don’t waste your time or an author’s time if you know the book isn’t something you’d like.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are a fairly easy partnership to enter into. Many websites out there have easy access to becoming an affiliate. More or less, you’d send an application. If accepted, you’d get a special link to use. If people use your link(s), you get credit (either in money or points) at no cost to other people. Score!

Affiliate links I’m currently using: Owlcrate, Bookoutlet, and Flickerwix.

Other websites for your consideration:

  1. Amazon
  2. Libro.Fm
  3. Book Depository
  4. Book of the Month

Paid Partnerships

The bookstagram world is much smaller than the rest of the Influencer world. I haven’t seen a lot of paid partnerships for the typical bookstagramer [under 10K followers]. That’s not to say they aren’t available.

Use your best judgement when deciding to work with a company. Do a little research on them. Do you have to buy something from them in order to work with them? Does the product blend well with your bookstagram account? Is it a product you actually like and/or believe in? Please, please read the fine print of a contract.

Please remember it is ALWAYS okay to turn down a partnership. Just because someone wants to offer you something for ‘free’ doesn’t mean you should accept it.

What advice do you have about bookstagram partnerships?

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