Bookish DIY: How to Fold a Book Crown

On today’s installment of Bookish DIY, I’m going to share how to fold a book crown. I did not create this design. I came across a tutorial a few years ago on someone’s stories on Instagram. I can no longer find it so thought I’d share how to fold one here so others can make their own.

Why would you make one?

  • Something easy to do with supplies you already own.
  • Easy & impressive prop for photos.
  • Pretty bookshelf decoration.

A book will be the only supply you’ll need. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a book.

  • Choose an older book or one that you don’t care about.
    • Making a crown won’t destroy a book but it will leave the pages ‘messed up’ a bit.
    • Dollar stores, thrift stores, Little Free Libraries, or that box of book in the garage make great places to select a book.
  • Hardback books work best.
    • The weight of the cover helps the book stay open.
  • Select a regular sized novel.
    • Picture books, art books, other types of non-fiction, & mass market paperbacks all come in odd sizes which will make it difficult to work with & won’t look ‘right’.
    • You don’t see much of the pages but regular blocks of text in a novel is the most visually appealing.
  • 300-400 pages work best.
    • Fewer pages makes the crown smaller & requires more folds to look ‘right’.
    • More pages makes crown too full.


Open the book in front of you to about the middle.

Count out five (5) pages

Curl page 1 and page 5 towards the binding & towards the other pages.

Repeat with page 2 and page 4.

That completes one section!

I alternated folding sections to the right and to the left of the original section.

The rest is up to you. Fold until it looks “right” or full. My book is 330 pages and I made 7 sections for it to look full.

See? In five minutes, you’ve got an impressive prop for your bookstagram photos.

The basic design is easy enough so you have flexibility to create your own designs. Try only curling part of a page to the binding leaving a cone design.

Can’t wait to see your designs.

Examples of similar crowns to try once you have the base idea down:

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