Review Policy


Right now I’m only considering requests from major publishers and their imprints. No self-published/independent authors. Requests ignoring this guideline are always deleted.

Book Reviews: If you’re interested in a book review/book feature, please check out the information below to see what I’m interested in.

Physical copies are preferred because I do most of my work on Bookstagram.
Physical book will be guaranteed to be featured in at least 2 photos (unboxing/starting to read book post and another shot directing people to blog for book review). Depending on the quality of book received (ARC, paperback, hardback), the book may end up being photographed in other shots (book stacks, shelfies, etc) in the future.

I’m interested in YOUNG ADULT AND MIDDLE GRADE FICTION in the following genres:

  1. Fantasy (Best Bet)
  2. Science Fiction (Best Bet)
  3. Mystery (I’m picky)
  4. Historical Fiction (I’m picky)
  5. Contemporary Fiction (I’m VERY picky; NO romance)

I need information about you and your book! If your book is a good fit, I WILL get back to you. If you don’t hear for me for a week or so, your book isn’t going to be a good fit for the blog. Thanks for your interest though!

I work full time so I have to be very picky with the books I accept for reviews. Thank you for thinking of me but I have to make the best use of my spare time.

Please send to email to address below with all of this information:

  • Title & Author
  • Genre(s)
  • Summary
  • Why I Would Like it (I need to make sure you’ve actually looked at this page and blog.)
  • Links (Goodreads, Your Website, etc)

Book Box/Bookish Merchandise Review: I also accept book box or book merchandise review requests/promotions. If I accept your product, you’ll get unboxings here on the blog and on my Bookstagram account & Instagram stories as well as an honest review. Your product will also be added to an appropriate master post if applicable.