The Big YA Book Subscription Box Round Up

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Hello my lovelies! My last YA book subscription box post was a big hit so I’ve decided to up my game. This is a massive list of the boxes out there and a break down of the need to know information about them. This list will be continually updated so feel free to check back.

Last updated: 11/8/21

The Middle Grade Box Round Up
(aimed at kids ages 9-12)
My Personal Experience With Various Boxes
Round Up of Book Merch boxes [no books in box]

This article was started with the information I found online through unboxings, comments on social media, and information shared with me as well as my personal experiences. *Indicates summarized information (and opinions) from other people who have purchased the box in question.

Yes, it is true that some of the “good” and the “bad” may just be a one-time fluke. You might have subscribed to the box with no problems but other people had issues and problems worth bringing to attention. As with any purchase, do your own research. You can make your decisions about what works best for you. This article is simply meant as guide that gives information on all one one page to review.

Interested in trying a box? I post my guessed monthly about what book will be featured in the boxes.

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So You Want To Order A Young Adult Subscription Box: An Overview of YA Book Subscription Boxes

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I may have a bit of an addiction to book boxes. I’m going to say that I’m a book box connoisseur. It sounds better.

I love getting surprises each month. I’ve tried quite a few over the past few years so I thought I would give mini reviews of them.

Overview of most of the YA book boxes out there.
Overview of the MG book boxes out there.
Middle Grade books are written for kids ages 9-12.
Overview of the book merchandise boxes
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