Niche Book Boxes To Put On Your Radar

These are book boxes that target a fairly specific type of reader. They won’t always feature the newest book releases but that’s okay!

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For the ‘Clean’ Reader

Ink Drinker Book Box

I don’t love the label of ‘clean reads’ but I absolutely understand the desire for books that don’t feature language or sexual content. The box will feature Young Adult and Middle Grade titles.

For the Reader Who Wants to Fully Experience a Book

Authentic Books

Authentic Books is a bit more pricey than other book boxes but you have full control over your experience. The subscriptions range in price from $39-$59 and the items included focus on your senses: sight (the book), smell (candle), sound (custom playlist), taste (tea or cocktail), and touch (self care or beauty item).

For the Reader Who Reads in the Bath

Bubbles & Books

Bubbles & Books understands that sometimes the only time to read is bath time. This romance box focuses just on books & bath products. Various subscriptions are available and include ebooks & physical book(s).

For the Reader Who Loves Travel

Bibliophilic Excursions

This box takes the reader right into the world of the books featured. There are many different options at various price points. There are options for fiction, non-fiction, & mysteries. The items included are from the book(s) featured that month: Japanese tea or Italian pasta for example.

For The Large Print Reader

Big Reads

Simply just Large Print books available in a variety of genres at an affordable price. The books will be mostly trade paperbacks to keep the price affordable.

Many people don’t realize how difficult Large Print books can be to get a hold of. Yes, your local library might have a small selection but they won’t have every book available in Large Print. Not every reader is able to use an ereader (which makes any book into a Large Print). Therefore, a lot of people who need larger print are left without books.

For the Reader Who Doesn’t Want Happy Endings

Down the Rabbit Hole Book Box

This box focuses on darker reads. The items included tie into the story & are meant to be opened on specific pages.

What niche book boxes do you recommend?

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