Awesome Blog Posts You May Have Missed (June 6-12)

In an effort to be a more active member of the book blogging community, I’m planning on making this a weekly post where I share some of the interesting blog posts that have caught my eye in the last week.

Please feel free to take the idea and make it work for your blog. Remember: sharing is caring.

It’s the perfect post to enjoy on a Saturday morning. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee and enjoy.

Blog Posts

FREE AUDIOBOOK ALERT Download: Crescendo by Allen Cheney and Extinction by Hannie Rayson through Wednesday

April @ Booked Till Midnight discusses love triangles.

Chelle’s Book Ramblings wants to know if scheduling posts is a book bloggers best tool? [Big YES from me]

Do some bookish travel with Aisling Hamill and tour Cambridge’s bookshops.

What You Missed Here In Bookland

I shared 5 easy tips to make your bookstagram account more accessible.

Did you come across a great post this week?
Did YOU post something awesome?
Please share links in the comments!

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