Introducing: Directory of Book Boxes

Hello book loving friends! I’ve added another feature for all you book box/book subscription fans.

Directory of Book Boxes

You’ll also find a link on the top menu of all the pages.

This is a very barebones directory giving you: box name, price, location, age group & genres of books. Readers & subscribers all have different tastes so I didn’t want to get bogged down with details that are personal preferences.

Is this different than a directory found on another subscription site? Probably not BUT this directory is guaranteed to be updated & curated by a book lover & box lover not someone who focuses in subscription services in general.

As with all my other lists & features of this blog, it will be updated as I have time so please be patient.

If I’m missing a box, please let me know! [Before being listed, I’m waiting for a service to send out at least TWO boxes. I’ve seen many boxes fizzle or runaway with money. Feel free to still bring a box to my attention so I can add it to my notes & I’ll check on them in a couple of months.]

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