PSA: Please Sign Up For Summer Reading At Your Library

Things are weird right now. That’s no shock. Various states are reopening at different levels. I’m urging you to help out your local library by signing up for the Summer Reading Program. Go ahead and lump them into the ‘small business’ category that’s been deeply wounded by closures. Just like your favorite local restaurant, they need your support more than ever.

Like many places, statics are incredibly important to Libraries. Those numbers determine funding for programs, funding for materials or staffing as well as many other things depending on the system. The statistics and numbers from Summer Reading Programs are a huge factor in many decisions. This is the biggest event or program for many systems.

This year, libraries across the country are being hit hard. Many systems are facing furloughs or lay offs due to city budgets being affected by COVID-19. Systems have been working behind the scenes to modify what they had been planning since last Summer in just a few weeks time. You’re likely going to see ‘less exciting’ activities this year since safety is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

What is Summer Reading?

It’s a program hosted by library systems across the country during the Summer to encourage reading.

In past years, concerts, crafts, performers, parties, & prizes have been heavily featured. I’m not sure what exactly this Summer will feature. Look at your library system’s website for more details for what you can expect.

Isn’t it for just for kids?

No. The summer slide is a big concern for children but many library systems do activities or give prizes to adults as well.

You’re wanting me to do what exactly?

My current plea is to simply sign up for the program. Go to your library’s website or visit a branch and sign up. That’s it. [If you have kids or other people in your house, signing them up would be wonderful as well.] That tiny, little task helps a lot.

Want to do more? Participate! The details of each program vary from system to system but generally all you’ll need to do is likely read & track your reading. If you’re already planning on reading, why not earn prizes & support your library at the same time?

Truthfully, you should be doing this every Summer. It takes a few minutes to do but the larger impact is worth it. If you love your community, love your library, or support literacy, it’s vitally important to show your support. This Summer might be a make-it-or-break-it Summer for smaller systems or smaller branches across the county. If you want to see libraries in your community in the future, they need your support.

I don’t use my library because they don’t carry books I like.

I hear that argument frequently. This goes back to the statistics above. If you (the general you) aren’t checking out books or visiting the library, why would they spend money on ‘those’ books (the ones you enjoy)? Simply checking out old favorites, borrowing e-books, or requesting purchases can help a lot. Use the library to show them that spending money in a certain section is worth the money!

No, thanks. I prefer buying my books.

I also hear this argument or ‘I don’t like using books other people have used’. That’s amazing you can afford to buy all the books you can. Really, that’s wonderful. Most people aren’t in that situation and heavily rely on the library. I’m just asking for a few minutes of effort of your time to do something that will impact another person’s life.

Thank you for your support and happy reading.

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9 thoughts on “PSA: Please Sign Up For Summer Reading At Your Library

  1. I just checked my library, and they don’t offer it -which is said. They have a summer learning program, but not a summer reading event. Maybe it’s still coming.


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I was looking forward to the library sales this Spring, but sadly there will be none until the end of the year. That being said, I’m definitely looking for other ways to continue supporting local libraries. I believe my library does offer this so I’ll keep a lookout for when I can sign up!


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