Mixed Format Books

One of my favorite newer trends is the mixed format book. Traditional novels include just paragraphs within chapters. Occasionally, you might find a picture or two but the book is primarily just blocks of text.

The books featured on this list reject such a traditional idea of a book. These books have:

  • Emails
  • Maps
  • Audio Transcripts
  • Diary entries
  • Letters
  • Interviews

These books are fascinating ways to tell a story. They’re also a wonderful way to grab the attention of a struggling reader.

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Favorite Books by the Month 2021

Time for a traditional best books of the year post! These are the best book I read in 2021. They weren’t necessarily published in 2021.

Complete with pictures and links for your convenience to add to your TBR.

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I Think These Series Need The Special Treatment By A Book Box

Recently book boxes (specifically FairyLoot and Illumicrate) have been releasing special editions of (YA) older series. The books are older so tend to be out of print or tricky to find. The box releases a new edition with exclusive cover and are offered signed or not signed.

Obviously, book lovers are loving it. I haven’t been able to snag any yet. Between the choices, selling out quickly, or the price point, it wasn’t meant to be yet. I’m here to dream a little bit and put out my wish to the universe to make these happen.

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Discussion: “Classic” Young Adult Books

For those that don’t know: I work in a library. At my branch, I’m the youth “expert”. When people come in looking for recommendations for youth materials, I’m the go-to woman.

One of our regulars came in needing recommendations for her tween/teen son. He’s been a huge reader for years. He’s aged up enough that they’re looking into the YA books. Starting out, she wanted some recommendations of “classic” Young Adult books. She already had The Hate U Give and Hatchet in hand.

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What’s On My Netgalley Shelf (1)

I’ve been reading and reviewing online for almost a decade now. As much as I love reading, reviewing, & talking online about books, I have to juggle it against a full time job and life not on the computer. Therefore, I’ve always been really selective about accepting books for review.

My friends at PenguinTeen sent me the Spring/Summer catalog for books recently and I selected a few that sounded good. (A few more than I normally would) I just didn’t realize that I’d be approved for all the ARCs at once. Oops! Thankfully, I have more than enough time to read & review before release date but I wanted to highlight what I picked now for you to peruse since it will be a bit before I “officially” post about them.

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