Discussion: Reading Traditions

Reading is a deeply personal hobby. There’s no wrong way to do it. You can read for your own enjoyment. You can read to educate yourself. You can read for comfort.

One thing you can do is start (or continue) a reading tradition.

I’m here to talk about my reading traditions.

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(My) Tips On How To Read More Classics

Like many readers, I was a bit resentful of the books I was forced to read for English class in school. I liked reading but hated being forced to read on a timeline, reading with a critical eye, & writing essays on a book. I wanted to read for fun and maybe discuss how I liked/didn’t like elements of a story. Therefore, I thought I didn’t enjoy classics.

Related: did you know I have a bookstagram account for classic books?

Nope, turns out I like them just fine when I do it my way. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along my way to loving classic books.

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Initial Impressions: The StoryGraph

I love tracking my reading. I’ve used Goodreads for years. I have almost 1,000 books tracked on there. I read a lot so GR helps me remember & keep track of the books I’ve read & authors I want to try. I enjoy seeing the yearly breakdowns of my reading. But there are many features that really need to be fixed [1/2 stars & fixing the search and algorithm would be a good place to start].

The StoryGraph is new on the scene and it is a possible replacement for those looking to get away from Goodreads.

The StoryGraph came across my radar recently. It’s a new book tracking website that’s actually listening to reader & users and giving us what we actually want. [AND it’s not controlled by Amazon which is always a win]

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How I Read 100+ Books A Year And Work Full-Time

This article is NOT here to shame anyone, if you read one book this year or 300 books this year, you ARE a reader. I just wanted to share some of my tips and tricks to reading so much.

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