Best Stores For The Classic Book Lover

Hello, it’s your classic book loving friend here. I’m going to highlight some of the coolest stores that I know of that feature amazing bookish merchandise that features classic books!

Perfect for those starting to shop for holiday gifts.

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More To The Story: Anne Of Green Gables

More To The Story is a way for me to highlight some of the fun twists & additions to a classic story (or information about the author) I’ve come across.

Check out my bookstagram account featuring classic books: Classics In Bookland

Today’s feature: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

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The Future of Book Boxes: My Predictions and Wish List

Book subscription boxes have been around for years at this point. It’s been great seeing the growth from small boxes with a few small handmade items from very small shops to the collaborations with publishers, authors, & artists to create some stunning specials editions.

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Now the question is where do book boxes go from here? I have no insider knowledge of the companies but I’ve been a purchaser & observer for years. I’m using my ‘knowledge’ to predict what trends we might see in 2021 and beyond as well as sharing my wish list of what I would like to see.

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Bookish Face Masks

Support them or hate them, face masks have been a big part of many people’s 2020 wardrobes. Looks like they’re not going away anytime soon.

If I have to do something, I want to do it on my terms. If I have to wear a face mask, why not make it bookish?

Therefore, here are some of bookish face masks out there.

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Initial Impressions: Chaos Walking Trailer

I’ve been a fan of the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness for almost a decade (see a backlist review of the series here). I discovered The Knife of Never Letting Go way back in 2011 when I first started book blogging and never looked back.

It’s been my go-to YA book recommendation for years. I particularly enjoy recommending it to those who turn their nose up at Young Adult books or write off the entire group of work simply because they’re written for teenagers. Yes, it is a good adventure series but it also explores some deep issues (civil war; terrorism; genocide) that could make for some really fascinating discussions.

Okay, okay. Enough of me yammering. Let’s get to the trailer.

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