Book Review: ‘Hunters of the Lost City’

Hunters of the Lost City” by Kali Wallace

Source: Quirk Books in exchange for honest review

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy


Twelve-year-old Octavia grew up believing the town of Vittoria was the only one left in the world. The sole survivors of a deadly magical war and plague, the people of Vittoria know there’s no one alive outside the town walls—except the terrible monsters that prowl the forest.

But then the impossible happens: Octavia meets another girl beyond the walls, someone who isn’t Vittorian. Everything she’s ever believed is thrown into question, and there’s no going back.

In her quest for the truth, Octavia discovers a world full of lies, monsters, and magic. She’ll have to use every scrap of her skill, wits, and courage to uncover what’s real about Vittoria and the rest of the world.

Hunters of the Lost City follows in the footsteps of many great Middle Grade fantasy books out there: The Giver, Percy Jackson, Nevermoor. It’s a coming of age story where growing up comes in waves. The growing up that everyone has to do. Then there’s the growing up that comes from when you learn that adults lie and have lied to you about the world. Then there’s the growing up that comes from embarking on a new uncharted adventure on your own.

Have we heard this story before? Of course but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Hunters of the Lost City keeps the tropes that we know and love and Wallace uses her magic touch on the story.

It’s an interesting take to have fantasy book set in a world where magic is used but is largely this other or bad thing.

I love when fantasy books can explore heavy subjects without being too preachy. I’ll try to avoid being too spoilery. Octavia sees the fear and maybe hatred her neighbors have for people not exactly like them. Kids don’t have that hatred without it coming from somewhere. I feel like her journey could lead to some great discussions with younger (and older!) readers.

All in all a great fantasy read. Highly recommend for those who can’t get enough Middle Grade fantasy.

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