Literati: Pros and Cons + My First Box

Literati sent me a 3 month subscription to their book club in exchange for 3 blog posts. As always, these are my honest thoughts on the service & subscription.

For those ‘old timers’ in the book subscription community, we still LOVE getting books but we’re getting tired of all the stuff in various book boxes. (How many mugs? candles? tote bags? art prints? does someone really need??)

Enter Luminary Book Club by Literati

How it works:

  • Select your Luminary (the celebrity curating your book selection).
  • Receive the next month’s book a bit ahead of the new month starting.
  • Your subscription comes with the book, suggested reading timeline, reading guide, & access to the app.
    • Log into the app to join the online discussion & read the book with others online!


  • No ‘junk’ here!
    • Subscription is literally just:
      • The book
      • Printed reading guide
      • Suggested reading pace
      • Letter from Luminary
      • Bookmark
      • Exclusive app access
  • You can jump around from book club to book club.
    • You’re not stuck with a Luminary if you don’t like the book choice.
    • Book choices are released mid-month for the next month so you can see your choices.
  • You get a real book club!
    • With questions, people to talk with, & a place to discuss.
  • The price point: $20


  • No special editions
  • Not signed by the author
  • Older titles
  • Primarily geared towards adult books & adult readers.
    • There are occasional YA or MG book picks.

Type of Reader Who Might Enjoy a Literati Subscription

  • Someone who wants a book club but can’t make it to one in person.
    • Maybe you work weird hours. Maybe you live in an area without readers/bookstores/libraries nearby but want a place to have book discussions. Maybe you want to talk about books but on your schedule. Maybe you’re unable to get out in public with people.
    • Just like any online forum, the book discussions on the app can happen anytime.
  • Someone who wants a book subscription to read books in a timely manner.
    • The books sent out with a Literati subscription aren’t meant be hoarded like books from other boxes (Owlcrate, Illumicrate, Fairyloot, etc).
    • The books are sent out so you have it in hand on the first of the month so you can read throughout the month & have online discussions.
  • Someone who wants to read but doesn’t know what they want to read.
    • A common experience is a reader (typically as an adult) finally has time to read! But where to begin. There are millions of books out there with more being published every week. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out what to read.
      • Many readers trying to get back into reading will peruse Best Seller lists as a starting point.
      • Literati is a bit more focused.
        • Each Luminary has a specific ‘focus’ so you can find one with a similar taste in books.

My First Box

I got The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. This was Malala Yousafzai’s pick for her February book club.

As stated above, it came with a suggested reading pace and letter from the Luminary.

Not featured: the bookmark. I loved that it was a character list & brief description of the characters. I seriously hope that a bookmark like that is included in every box from Literati. I almost prefer that to a ‘pretty’ bookmark like some boxes/subscriptions send.

Even though this is an older pick, I can still participate in the discussions. Just like many online message board/forums, the threads & conversations are still open. [If I’ll get replies is a different story.]

The open discussions is nice for people who might like to “club” hop or supplement their reading with library books/owned books.

That’s it for now!

I’ve never tried a book club or buddy read before. Even though The Wedding Date is an older selection, I’m going to read along and try the discussions. I’ll be back next month with an update with my thoughts on the discussions & perhaps a behind the scenes view?

Have you tried Literati before?

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5 thoughts on “Literati: Pros and Cons + My First Box

  1. This is an interesting idea in that it almost seems more like a book club than a book subscription box. I’m not interested in book boxes in general because I don’t like having random stuff I don’t need, plus I think it’s wasteful/bad for the environment. So I like that this might appeal to people just looking for a good book to read next.


    • It is a heavy emphasis on book club & discussions. Working in a library, I know some people LOVE talking about books as they’re reading them. I could see this being a great option for that type of reader.


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