I’m on BookTok!

I should spend more of my free time reading. Instead, I’m joining new platforms & playing with an app I don’t really understand. (Oh, the joys of being 30+…)

Are you on TikTok/BookTok? Look me up! I’m alisoninbookland

No worries. I’m not leaving the blogging world. I thought I would play around on a different platform on occasion. I’ve had book recommendation video ideas but I wasn’t able to make them work on IG.

I think I’ll mostly be able to do what I want on TikTok but WOW. I did not realize it would take SO MUCH TIME to edit/work on a 15 second video. Major props to the creators out there.

If you have tips/tricks/advice about TikTok or BookTok, I need all the help I can get. Please share or link to articles. ♥

What are some of your favorite bookish TikTok accounts?
Drop them in the comments!
Feel free to share your account as well!

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