Free Audiobooks This Spring and Summer From SYNC

My favorite ‘season’ is here! Free audiobook season! SYNC teams up with publishers every Spring and Summer to offer listeners free audiobooks. Yes, free! If you’ve been on the fence about trying audiobooks, your library doesn’t have a great selection of audiobooks, or whatever the reason, this is your time. Download away!

Yes, publishers have teamed up with SYNC for the program so no sketchy sites here.

The only ‘catch’ is books are only available for a limited time. Each week TWO titles are featured. The week runs Thursday-Wednesday at midnight EST. Miss a week? You’re out of luck. You can follow SYNC on Facebook to get weekly updates.

The audiobooks are downloaded to the Sora app. Sora is the school version of Overdrive/Libby and operates in a very similar way.

You can view the entire schedule for the season here.

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