Book Box Guesses: April 2021

It’s no secret that I’m a book box lover. Part of the fun is trying to guess the upcoming month’s books (even if I don’t subscribe). Here’s a round up of what I think will be in the upcoming month’s boxes. I’ll update this post as new themes are revealed. These posts are typically scheduled around the 15th of each month.

If you’d like to play along, drop your guesses in the comments and I’ll add them to the post! If you think I’m wrong, please leave a comment as to which book is a better fit.

Let me know if I’m missing a box you think should be added to the list.

If you work for one of the boxes below and would like to offer a discount code to my readers or a referral link, email me and I’d be happy to add it to the post. I’m open to discussing other types of partnerships as well.

I STRONGLY urge you to research a box before buying or subscribing. There’s been some shady behavior and you don’t want to get caught up in it.

Looking for more book boxes? Check out my ever growing Directory of Book Boxes.

Book Box guesses

Beacon Book Box: Witches Steeped in Gold

The Bookish Box: These Feathered Flames

Fae Crate: Dream Country

Fairyloot: The Prison Healer

Fox & Wit: House of Hollow

Illumicrate: In the Ravenous Dark

The Librarian Box: These Feathered Flames

Litjoy Crate: Next YA box in May

Owlcrate: Witches Steeped in Gold

Rainbow Crate: In Deeper Waters

Spearcraft Book Box:

Unplugged Book Box YA: Dragonfly Girl

Need help figuring out which book might be featured in a box? Comment below with the box and link to the hints and I’ll see what I can figure out.

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8 thoughts on “Book Box Guesses: April 2021

  1. Hey, I love your guessing posts but I was wondering if for Fairyloot maybe “An Heir Comes to Rise” is a possible fit? The art would fit the cover very well and the line with secrets would also match up. ☺️☺️


    • I think “An Heir Comes to Rise” was released a bit too early to be an April pick. [It looks interesting though!]
      Also, the summary for “The Prison Healer” talks about switching identity which is why I’m leaning towards that as the pick.


      • Hey I was wondering what you thing Book Box Club’s April picks will be? Below are the descriptions.

        BOOK ONE is set in a bustling capital city on the brink of being swallowed by a terrible flood. When a powerful leader abandons her position, her young maid servant is thrust into her place, where a world of politics, lies and big decisions beckons. But can this unlikely heroine, save the people, pets (!) and world she loves so dearly, before water bursts through the city walls?

        BOOK TWO is an action-packed tale about a future England where floods, gunfights and monsters have created a dangerous land. In this strange new world (think wild west meets dystopia!) the fates of two unforgettable outlaws collide. Suddenly a runaway serial criminal finds herself saddled with a new partner in misconduct: a seemingly hapless boy companion, guarding dark secrets of his own…


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