Awesome Blog Posts You May Have Missed (March 7-13)

In an effort to be a more active member of the book blogging community, I’m planning on making this a weekly post where I share some of the interesting blog posts that have caught my eye in the last week.

Please feel free to take the idea and make it work for your blog. Remember: sharing is caring.

It’s the perfect post to enjoy on a Saturday morning. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee and enjoy.

Blog Posts

Ready for Shadow and Bone? Catarina @ Pages & Plots rounded up some Shadow and Bone merch for you.

Ally Writes Things recommends books featuring ragtag crews/teams of misfits/found family.

Negative reviews are a tricky topic. Briana @ Pages Unbound talks about why a negative review might not make her read your book.

Amy @ A Fangirls Opinion talks about how to get over a book hangover.

My Heart Is Booked does a round of “If you like this book, try” but with indie/self-published fantasy books.

What You Missed Here

I reviewed “Our Last Echoes” by Kate Alice Marshall.

I shared my thoughts on the Enola Holmes movie.

Did you come across a great post this week?
Did YOU post something awesome?
Please share links in the comments!

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