Movie Review: Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes

Rated: PG-13

Staring: Millie Bobby Brown, Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill


While searching for her missing mother, intrepid teen Enola Holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord.

This was a cute older family-watch-together movie. I haven’t read the books but I enjoyed it. It was a bit predictable (a young lady rebelling against societal norms & the men in her life don’t like it). I guess it’s more appropriate to say that as an adult viewer, the story was a bit predictable.

The movie (and books) weren’t necessarily written for an adult eye (even if we enjoy them). However predictable a type of story is, it IS important to keep with those tropes. Younger viewers may have never seen that type of story before so they need to see it as an option. All of that coupled with the fact that Tewkesbury defied some of his expectations (loving flowers & plants), the movie was a nice breath of fresh air in a very rough year for me.

The breaking of the 4th wall was a bit weird throughout the movie. Sure, it does let us know what Enola is thinking but it seemed an odd choice to be continually coming back to. Readers of the book, was this device used throughout the book as well?

All in all, the movie was a fun little romp through the world of Sherlock Holmes in a way I’ve never seen it done. [I, for one, liked that Sherlock was a little softer in this movie.] I look forward to maybe eventually seeing another movie in this universe and possibly picking up one of the novels at the library.

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9 thoughts on “Movie Review: Enola Holmes

  1. I haven’t read the novels, only two of the graphic novel adaptions, but they skewed very young indeed. There was no breaking of the fourth wall, either. I think the movie adaptation probably has a wider appeal than the materials it’s based on.


  2. I watched this movie as soon as it came out, and it entertained me but I agree that the plot is predictable. But what I really liked were the characters. Enola was great fun, Tewkesbury was a literary teddy bear and I wanted more of the Holmes brothers!


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