Unboxing: Owlcrate Jr “Write It Down” February 2021

Owlcrate Jr
Price: $27.99 + Shipping [Discounts given with longer subscriptions & Rep codes]
US Based

Spoilers after the jump.

Notebook inspired by poet Juan Ramon Jimenez; designed by @stephstilwell

Enamel pin by @stacey.mcevoy.caunt

Diary of a Wimpy Kid backpack and stickers from Abram books

100 Great Words card deck

Pencil pouch by @janinlecour

Book of the Month: The In-Between by Rebecca K.S. Ansari

The items all go together with the theme pretty well. Unfortunately as an adult MG fan, it wasn’t as great as I would have loved. The book and the pin? Great. Notebooks are always helpful.

The cards, pencil pouch, and backpack aren’t my jam. I work and know kids so I’m sure I can find a kid who might enjoy it. I don’t love the idea of having to give away part of my box though.

Once again, this an adult’s perspective.

Want to try another book box? Here’s a helpful guide.

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