Book-to-Movie Adaptions 2021

Is this all of them? Probably not. Just the ones on my radar. Dates are subject to change but were accurate at the time of writing this post.

I’ll attempt to update throughout the year when I come across interesting adaptions/get more info on various movies.

No Definitive Date

Diary of a Wimpy Kid [animated] [Disney+]

Fear Street [Netflix]


There’s Someone Inside Your House [Netflix]


Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets


Flora & Ulysses [Disney+]


Chaos Walking


Death on the Nile




Clifford the Big Red Dog

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11 thoughts on “Book-to-Movie Adaptions 2021

  1. I’m so excited for The Fear Street trilogy! It was mentioned in a post I read just before this one, and it’s low key made my day haha! Thanks for compiling this!


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