Items I’d Like To See In Book Subscription Boxes

If you’re in the online bookish community, you’ve likely seen or felt the burnout of item fatigue. Book subscription boxes have been around for a while so many of the items that are being sent out are starting to feel ‘overdone’. I know it’s got to be exhausting to be constantly thinking and producing new products. The companies and shops need to keep up with their reputation and try to stay ahead of the game.

I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some items I’d like to see sent in book subscription boxes. I’m not saying they’d be a new & novel item idea (I can’t possibly keep up with every single box out there) or they’d be useful for every subscriber (I don’t that’s possible for any box). It’s just a list of items that haven’t been done to death (candle, book sleeve, enamel pin, etc.).

It should go without saying that I mean I want these well designed (possibly working with a real artist). I don’t want something that looks like it’s been bought on Wish/AliExpress and had a decal thrown on it.


  • Car coasters
    • There’s a lot of talented artists out there. I think it’d be easy to find someone to make some beautiful designs.
  • Air freshener
    • One option is the jar model like this.
      • Several bookish candle companies make something like this.
      • I currently have one hanging on the door stop at the top of a closet door in my front room so it could work for those who don’t have vehicles.
    • The other option is the flat cardboard option with cute art or a quote.
  • Sun shade
    • Quote would be a simple enough design.
    • Super fun option would be a design where it looks like characters are sitting in the car.
      • Maybe do a group of easily recognizable characters from different books?


  • Shower curtain
    • Tapestries are a popular item. Why not change it up with a shower curtain?
  • Bath mat
  • Towels beyond tea towels
    • Pair of hand towels for the bathroom?
    • Regular size bath towel?
    • Oversized pool towel?
    • Washcloth?
      • I did get a cute embroidered Harry Potter one for my birthday.
  • Drinking containers beyond mugs
    • I’d LOVE a sturdy plastic water bottle similar to Naglene.
    • Freezer cup or mug
    • Tea cups aren’t new but more people should do them.
  • Lotion or Soap pump
  • Placemats
    • Could be useful for bookstagram photos.
      • I have a thick, Amish one that my TV it set on. Protects the dresser from the TV. So it can be used in other ways.
  • Kitchen tools
  • Window clings
    • Stickers seem to be a popular choice in boxes. Why not switch it up to a cling that way they can be reusable?
  • Cards
    • I personally am very tired of art prints but it would be a fun shift to make it into postcards or (blank) greeting cards.
      • People can still use it as an art print OR send some snail mail to a bookish friend.
  • Perpetual calendar.
    • Probably out of the budget, but a large one would be amazing.
    • The paper one is probably more realistic.


  • Larger zippered sleeve
    • Big enough for a full size tablet, smaller laptop/Chromebook, or a large book.
  • Duffle bag or overnight bag
  • Lunch box.
  • Smaller messenger bag. It’s be a nice alternative to a tote bag.
  • Case for earbuds
    • Really, a simple case or bag would be helpful. Team up with a designer to make an image.
    • I’d even be fine with a cheap set of earbuds in it since everyone likely already has better ones at home or use this as the backup pair at work or school.

Reading Accessories

  • Stretchy book cover.
    • Obviously, they’d need to pair up with a designer to make it nice.
    • If the new trend is sending out books without dust jackets, this is almost a necessity.
      • The cover will protect the book from the oils in our fingers while we read.
      • Could be put on book when sitting on shelf to product from sun & other damage.
  • Book stand
    • Basically something you use to hold a book open while you read. Very useful if you read while eating.
    • Once again, they’d need to team up with a designer & not just buy something off Wish/Amazon.
  • Book review notepad
    • Sweet Sequels makes a large one and a small one.
      • With Canva, a designer could make their own pretty easily.
    • Cute for bookstagram photos.
    • Also handy if you reread your books. Fill it out and stick it in the book. Next time you read the book, you can see what you thought.
    • Also might be fun if you share books with people.

What are some items you’d like to see in book boxes?

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7 thoughts on “Items I’d Like To See In Book Subscription Boxes

  1. I agree with you! It seems like most book boxes are now doing the same items month to month which kind of takes away the fun. I think soap would be SUCH a good idea. Especially with COVID hanging around. I also think they could do like bookish plant pots. Everyone seems to have plants now so it’d be a fun way to show off some artwork


  2. There was a beach towel in one OwlCrate, and I thought that was cool. I actually bought just the towel this Black Friday because it was on clearance. It’s a good item that I think anyone would have a use for, and in general I think you can’t really have “too many” beach towels. (I mean, I am sure you can, but having four instead of one is not really a problem, especially if you have a family and need multiple beach towels in the house anyway.)

    I think the shower curtain idea is cool, but I can see it being hit or miss whether people would use it or think it didn’t really go with their decor or whatever. I also wonder where the line is with some of these being technically YA boxes, but we all know adults are largely buying them. Would people complain that teens couldn’t use it because it’s not their bathroom? I have no idea.

    I also like the planter idea above because that’s another thing you can’t really have too many of. Vs. candles. I mean, there are people on Instagram who clearly own 100 candles. Do they want more???

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    • I have that towel too! I wish it was a bit bigger but it’s a good size for sitting on sand/grass.

      I think an item not going with someone’s decor is the biggest struggle boxes will face. My apartment is a mismatch of items that I like but someone else might be minimalist or have a cabin feel or something else. It’s rough trying to please everyone!


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