20+ Book Blog Post Ideas

Maintaining a book blog can be a great way to be more mindful and thoughtful about your reading and reading habits. It can be hard to get those creative juices flowing if you’re new to the book blogging world or you’ve doing it for a while.

Here’s some inspiration for you to work your magic on.

Book Blog Post Ideas

  • Book Reviews
    • ‘Title by Author’- This is a bit boring but just fine.
    • If you struggle with writing reviews, think outside the box.
      • ‘X Reasons You Should/Shouldn’t Read Title by Author’- This is a much better way to grab a readers attention and bring people to your blog.
      • ‘X Thoughts I Had While Reading Title by Author’ is another out of the box option for a review.
  • Book vs Movie Review
  • Book Lists
    • Pick a topic and put together a list based on that topic.
  • Recommendations
  • Author Interviews
  • Tags/Memes
  • Reading Challenges (& Updates)
    • Create your own! Pick an author, read their entire catalog, & blog your thoughts along the way.
    • Pick a genre to read more of & blog your thoughts.
  • Unboxing: book subscription boxes or book merchandise
  • Book Haul
  • Reading Updates/Wrap Ups for the week, month, or season
  • If you like THIS, then try THIS
    • You’re not limited to just books for this. A fun take is to recommend books based on TV shows, movies, & other media.
  • Where to start with X type of book.
    • Do you read a lot of a particular type of book or genre of book? Make a ‘newbies guide’ to which books to read if people are looking to read more of those types of books.
  • On the Radar/Books to Add to Your TBR
    • Are you on top of upcoming releases? Share which books you’re excited to read for the coming month or the coming season.
  • Discussion Post
  • Recipes Based on Books
    • Are you a wiz in the kitchen? Make up something that was mentioned in a book.
    • Don’t steal and post another persons recipe though.
    • Make your own version of Lara Jean‘s Snickerdoodles.
    • Experiment & post about your journey to make the best homemade version of Butterbeer.
  • Highlight Bookish Companies
    • ETSY & Bookstagram are full of companies that make unofficial merchandise for book series.
      • Pick a book. Post about the awesome products based on the book.
      • Pick a shop and highlight the amazing merchandise they make.
  • Bookish Travel
    • If you live in (or near) a major city, you might have some cool literary travel stops.
      • Take a trip & show off those buildings, museums, statues, etc.
    • Don’t live anywhere near something cool like that? Do some armchair travel.
      • Highlight the coolest museums based on books.
      • Best bookish places to take your kids.
      • Show off some cool bookish hotels.
  • Show off your local libraries or bookstores.
    • Ask before taking photos but it’s always interesting to see the set ups of different libraries or bookstores.
  • Bookish Crafts
    • Are you an artist?
    • Show off your skills with makeup based on books.
      • Maybe nail art is more your thing.
    • Create an art project based on a book.
    • Use old books as a material for a craft project.
  • Gift Ideas
    • What to buy a book lover
    • X gift ideas for the mystery lover in your life
    • Birthday gifts for the young bookworm

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