Best Bookish Websites and Apps

Hello, book lover. If you’re like me, you might spend a good amount of your free time thinking about books. You read, you research books to find out what to read next, you talk about books, you want to know what others think about books, etc.

I’ve decided to round up and track down some of the best book related websites and apps on the internet. I’ve divided them roughly into categories. Yes, items may appear under several categories depending on how you use them.

*indicates there is an app to go along with the website
[app only] indicates there is only an app for iOS or Android; no website access]

Last updated: 5/10/21

Catalog Your Books

Children‘s Books

Just For Fun/Helpful Resources

Online Shopping

Shop from these online booksellers from the comforts of your own home. Books are available as new books (N), used books (U), or discount/overstock books (D).


Library Access

These apps/websites have access granted through a library. It is worth checking with other libraries in your county or state to see if you can get a card with them. For example: Overdrive in city A and city B will have different collections. During this pandemic libraries are being a bit more generous with giving out cards including digital cards. Call or visit a library’s website for more info.

Free reading apps (app is free and books are free)

Subscription Services [ebook or eaudio]

You will pay a monthly free for access to these books.


Social Media

These are sites for you to connect with other readers.

Track Your Reading

Trading or Swapping Books

These sites are pretty much free. The only cost would be postage for one of the parties.

Am I Missing A Site? Let Me Know In The Comments!

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16 thoughts on “Best Bookish Websites and Apps

  1. Good roundup! I’ve been really curious about Novelist. I encountered it recently but don’t have access; it’s a cool concept though for sure.

    There’s also, which is for tracking reading, following series, and finding new releases.


    • It’s a real shame that it’s library access only. I use it frequently at work for readers advisory. It’s also super helpful for when you’re in the mood for weirdly specific types of books.

      Thanks for sharing! That one must have flew under my radar.


  2. This is fan-freaking-tastic list! Something that I’ll be bookmarking for sure. Another website that is up and coming (which I too need to find time to check out) is Booklr. Their search function sounds AMAZING based off their Twitter feed.


  3. Love this post! You can tell that you put a lot of thought and work into finding all of these. Are these links you’ve stumbled upon over the years? How do you keep up with all of them? Do you have a ton of bookmarks?


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