Unboxing: Unplugged Book Box YA “Reinvention” September 2020

Unplugged Book YA Book Box
Price: $39.99 + Shipping [Discounts given with longer subscriptions & Rep codes]
US Based

This month’s theme is “Reinvention”

I won this box after participating in July’s photo contest. Thanks, Melanie!

Full box spoilers after the jump.

Shampoo by The Fairy Hideout
Inspired by Twilight
Pomegranate Cider fragrance

Bath Bomb by Natural Pure Honest
Inspired by Sailor Moon
Surprise inside! I’m guessing a charm?

Fir Haven Candle by Natural Pure Honest
Inspired by Winterwood
Apple and Amber? fragrance

Lip Scrub by Angela Taylor Crafts
Inspired by The Poet X
Apple fragrance

Picnic Blanket or Tapestry by Abby Malaga
Quote by Neil Gaiman (which is a variation of this quote from G. K. Chesterton which I love)

Book of the Month: Grown by Tiffany Jackson

Surprisingly solid box. I had initially skipped the box because I wasn’t totally sold on the fandoms & $$ but I’m glad I won this box.

One of the great things about Unplugged Book Box is the items are almost always useful & consumable. Hate Twilight but I can always use shampoo. Not a Sailor Moon fan but baths are great (or throw a bath bomb on the shower floor for a fragrant shower). The Poet X isn’t my cup of tea and neither is lip scrub but I think a mask wearing Fall will make my lips pretty rough.

I’m a bit disappointed in the fabric choice for the blanket. It’s definitely more of a tapestry quality. BUT I think with some fabric, rudimentary sewing skills, & time it would be fairly (???) easy to add a backing to make it a little thicker for picnicking.

October’s theme is “Rage. See my predictions for next month’s book here.

Want to try another book box? Here’s a helpful guide.

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