38 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Baby-Sitters Club (2020): A Review

I was a child of the 90’s. I read more than my share of BSC books (including the super specials, mysteries, and Baby-Sitters Little Sister) growing up. I was a bit too young when the movie & TV show came out so I was never super interested in those.

As a youth services ‘librarian’, I’ve been excited to share the BSC love with an entirely new generation of readers at the library with Raina Telegemeier’s graphic novels. Netflix does really well overall with their TV series so I was thrilled to learn they were going to reboot the series.

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Proper reviews can be boring so here are 38 thoughts on the show while watching it.

  • Hurray for diversity!
    • Love that they added Girls of Color to the cast.
      • Mary Anne is Bi-Racial.
        • This small change makes Mary Anne’s father’s preference to braids make SO much sense. [He doesn’t know how to do work with natural hair so he sticks with the one style he knows.]
      • Dawn is now a Latina.
        • I do miss her being a surfer girl.
        • The modern Green, witchy feminist is a very on point update.
  • Alicia Silverstone is old enough to be a mom to teenagers?!
  • I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that the series wasn’t set in in the ’90s.
    • I was really hoping this series would be to the ’90s what Stranger Things was to the ’80s.
    • That said I think they did a good job of making nods to the ’90s while making the series both current and a bit timeless.
    • I’m so sick of much older actresses playing young kids.
    • It was a breath of fresh air to see young blood.
  • Girl power!
    • It’s a nice introduction to feminism for young girls.
      • A comment is made that boys can babysit just as well as girls can.
      • Kristy gets in trouble in class for speaking out of turn while boys are in the back of the room actively being disruptive & not paying attention.
        • Even the girls in the show can see how unfair that is.
  • It’s adorable that they embrace ‘old school’ items.
    • Landline for the preferred phone.
    • Flyers are still the preferred advertising method.
  • I don’t remember Karen being particularly creepy in the books.
    • It’s a hilarious addition to the show though.
  • Mimi’s backstory was touching.
    • Janine & Claudia have such a nice moment while connecting over Mimi’s history.
    • Was the interment camp in the books? I don’t remember.
  • The series follows the first few books.
    • Smart choice since the Graphic Novels are following the early books.
  • Periods!
    • I’m so happy they addressed periods.
    • It’s so rare that periods are freely discussed in media.
    • You even see a pad on screen!
    • They handled it well. First periods are a big deal but they don’t need to be made into a big deal.
  • The actresses did a great job on the characters.
    • Kristy nailed ‘bossy’ or speaking her opinion.
    • Dawn nailed ‘annoying’ or speaking her opinion.
      • I would hesitate to call them bossy or annoying. They’re young women who have strong opinions & trying to figure out how to handle those opinions.

Have you seen the show?
What did you think of it?

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