Shop Bookish, Shop Small: The Dark Forest Co.

A side effect of my bookstagram hobby is finding amazing small bookish shops! I plan on highlighting some of the wonderful shops I’ve discovered. Get your wallet out!

Kibby (@somethingofthebook) is one of my dear bookstagram friends. She’s recently opened her online store, The Dark Forest Co., dedicated to bookish merchandise featuring fandoms that are underrepresented in the bookish world.

The Dark Forest Company offers the designs on mugs (ceramic or camp/enamel), clothing (variety of shirts or tank tops), and tote bags. To simplify my post, I’ll highlight just one of the items but just be aware that you can get the design on something else.

Want to take a closer look or buy something? Just click the picture!
These are just some designs. Make sure to check the store for everything!

You can use the code PROSECCO or ANIMAGUS to start shoping today!

The First Lines Collection

Red Rising

Squad Goals

Raven Cycle

Maybe you’re a Sanderson fan? She’s got Mistborn covered with items for Era 1 and Era 2.

Era 1
Era 2

The Illuminae Files

Daevaba edition

The Umbrella Academy

The Inner Circle (ACOTAR)

Generally Bookish Items

Audiobook addict mug

There Is Always Another Secret (Mistborn)

In This House We Stan Enemies To Lovers

There are more Stan designs.

I Want To See Mountains Again…

ADSOM Spells

My Name is Celaena Sardothien


No Harm Ever Came From Reading a Book (inspired by The Mummy (1999))

Doctor Who: Catchphrases

When the Fire Nation Attacked (inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Don’t Be Lasagna (Doctor Who)

Enjoy your shopping!

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6 thoughts on “Shop Bookish, Shop Small: The Dark Forest Co.

  1. I think I will get something Cosmere related, maybe a tote bag, maybe a tank top. I also need to figure out the sizing. I was really happy to see the shipping options were decent for me being Europe based as that often isn’t the case =)

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