I Need This Now: Aurora Rising

As a book box addict, I’m no stranger to bookish merch. I Need  This Now will hopefully be a feature where I show off some amazing book merchandise for books/series that get overlooked.

To celebrate Aurora Burning‘s release, today’s focus is Aurora Rising by by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.
Click on the photo to buy the beautiful product or take a closer look.

Aurora Rising Inspired Mug Rug  Baby My Book Jay Kristoff image 0

Squad 312 Mug Rug by BabyMyBook [Also available in a book sleeve]

Aurora Rising magnetic bookmark image 0

Magnetic bookmarks by Magicbookmarks

Aurora Rising Sticker Sheet for Reading Journals / Planners image 0

Are you a planner person? You’re going to need these adorable planner stickers by chiquicreates in your life.

Aurora Legion Crest  Squad 312 Aurora Cycle inspired vinyl image 0

23rdlegion created a squad 312 vinyl decal in a variety of colors.

Flickerwix has created 10(!) Aurora Rising candles (and melts) for your burning pleasure.

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