Awesome Blog Posts You May Have Missed (March 8-14)

In an effort to be a more active member of the book blogging community, I’m planning on making this a weekly post where I share some of the interesting blog posts that have caught my eye in the last week.

Do you use Pinterest? I’ve also got a collaborative Pinterest board sharing great blog posts by book bloggers here if you’d like to join. You’re welcome to pin your posts to the board. Please feel free to pin other book bloggers’ posts as well.

It’s the perfect post to enjoy on a Saturday morning. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee and enjoy!

Blog Posts

I Won’t Say I’m In Love With Reading has some book recommendations if you liked The Hunger Games.

The Reading Fairy is sharing some retelling recommendations by Authors of Color.

Belle @ Belle Can Read talks about appreciating author’s notes.

J. M. Tuckerman @ Booked All Night has 9 bookish craft ideas for you.

The Orang-utan Librarian asks how historically accurate does historical fiction have to be?

What You Missed Here

I reviewed Changeling by William Ritter. It’s a wonderful story about the power of family.

The Girl The Sea Gave Back by Adrienne Young was a definite sophomore slump.

Did you come across a great post this week?
Did YOU post something awesome?
Please share links in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Posts You May Have Missed (March 8-14)

  1. I loved the post about Author Notes. But when you look at new releases, a lot of authors choose to skip having that section in the book at all because hardly anyone reads it anymore. And when people do read them, it is usually whilst reading non-fiction. I don’t find author notes too interesting myself, but if I read historical fiction, I do make it a point to read author notes for further insight into the background or references.

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