Unboxing: Flickerwix ‘Christmas At The Castle’ Advent Box Holidays 2019

Flickerwix is no longer doing monthly boxes but they are doing occasional special boxes.

Christmas At The Castle is a 12 day advent style box focusing on Harry Potter. I will be updating this post daily with each day’s goodie! Make sure to come back.

Katie included several items to open immediately to hold us over until the box officially starts.

Wizards Merry Melts

These cute wax melts are in a variety of fragrances and HP shapes.

Prints that double as letter and recipe and mints

Dobby Ornament

1st Day- December 13

Holiday Delivery- Silver Wood, Holly, Black Currant [4 oz wood wick candle]

This is a wonderful holiday fragrance. It’s subtle and not too overwhelming.

2nd Day – December 14

Felix Felicis enamel pin

3rd Day – December 15

Harry Potter blind bag vinyl figure by Funko

I got Snape!

4th Day – December 16

2 oz Shopping in Hogsmeade candle

It’s sweet and spicy. Doesn’t smell particularly so I can see using this year round!

5th Day – December 17

Hedwig with Hogwarts Letter enamel pin

6th Day – December 18

2 oz Butterbeer candle

7th Day – December 19

‘Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards’ enamel pin

8th Day – December 20

2 oz Molly’s Jumpers candle

9th Day – December 21

Harry & Draco socks

10th Day – December 22

Polyjuice Potion enamel pin

11th Day – December 23

4 oz woodwick candle- Holidays at Hogwarts

12th Day – December 24

Fawkes Funko Pop

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