Unboxing: Magical Neep Tea Shoppe ‘Chapter Two: Mandrake Mint’

This was sent to me as part of my rep term. Use ALISON10 to order the Autumn in Wizard Alley box or any of the teas in shoppe.

Magical Neep Tea Shoppe
Price: $29.99 + S&H

This subscription box is a bit different. Each box contains a chapter of an original story, Tales of Tea and Terganon, as well as magical teas and trinkets. If you are a fan of a certain wizarding world, you’re sure to enjoy Magial Neep’s teas.

Mandrake Mint is the tea blend of the month. It features black tea, cacao, vanilla, & peppermint leaf.

I’m not normally a mint tea person but this smells AMAZING.

Magical Neep Tea Shoppe really goes all out with the box. You can elevate your tea to a whole new level with the recipe included.

These dark chocolate nibs are to stir into your tea as it’s brewing to elevate the chocolate level.

Vanilla mint sugar cubes were sent to add to the tastiness.

Need your own flavored sugar cubes? There are more flavors in shop.

Ready for a tasty snack? Chocolate dipped meringue mushrooms were sent.

Clear tea cup and wooden spoon were also included.

Time for some extras. Mandrake MInt lip balm, coaster, and soft enamel pin.

And of course, the next chapter of the story!

Love What You See?

You can order Autumn in Wizard Alley now. Remember to use ALISON10 to save!

Looking for more magical items? Check out the sister store, Alchemy for the Skin
Want to try another book box? Here’s a helpful guide.

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