Shop Bookish, Shop Small: Alchemy For The Skin

A side effect of my bookstagram hobby is finding amazing small bookish shops! I plan on highlighting some of the wonderful shops I’ve discovered. Get your wallet out!

Alchemy For The Skin is the sister company to Magic Neep Tea Shoppe. Alchemy will take care of your body/skin care needs and Magic Neep will take care of your tea needs. Both are magically delightful and inspired by a very popular magic fandom.

Update: As with any small shop, products are frequently updated and changed out. Items featured may no longer be available. You may find something else awesome though!

Where do I even begin with these awesome products??

In Harry’s Medicine Chest, you’ll find products to soothe and calm various aches and pains.

They offer a couple of balm type products in stick form. Headache and Bad Moods don’t stand a chance.

I love bath and shower products. There’s nothing better than hanging out in the hot water. The shop offers two products for this. Sniveling Sinus Potion Shower Pill and Troll’s Knee’s Ache and Pain Bath Pill.

Hermione’s Shelf offers products to relax and enjoy in the bath.

How GORGEOUS is this Occamy Egg soap?

I need coffee in the morning so Espresso Patronus soap is sure to help motivate me.

Can’t decide what you want to try? Alchemy For The Skin offers boxes that are filled with treasures to treat the wizards in your life.

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