Unboxing: Flickerwix Princess Posse Candle Box (July 2019)

Flickerwix Candle Box Use my code ALISON10 for the month of August
Price: $35.00 + Shipping [Discounts given with longer subscriptions & Rep codes]
US Based
Ships Monthly

Merida spoiler card art by morgana0anagrom 

It’s another Funko box!! Jasmine from the new Aladdin movie was the featured Pop.

Jemlin Creations designed bookmarks for two of my favorite princesses, Belle and Cinder!

Hello, self-care! Look at how beautiful this Jasmine scented soap from The Witch’s Bath is. I’m seriously in love. I almost don’t want to use it because of how beautiful it is.

The Witch’s Bath also sent this shower steamer. Minty smells in the shower??? Yes, please.

Book Dragon Supply sent the Princess Lanyard and crown charm.

Self-Rescuing Princess pin from Bookish and Bakewell.

Punk Ariel pillow case from Book Dragon Supply

Nose Stuck In A Book
Scent Notes: Books, Libraries, & Adventure

The Prize
Scent Notes: Spells, Gingersnaps, & Changing Fates

I want to eat this! I love the ginger smell.

Hair-Raising Adventure
Scent Notes: Maple Syrup, Bacon, & Frying Pans

The maple wasn’t overpowering. The smokiness of the bacon comes through pretty strong which was a fun twist on the typical bacon & maple fragrance.

Self-Rescuing Princess
Scent Notes: Apple, Peach, Lily, Musk, & Spice

Flickerwix is partipating in the Nerd Sale July 26 & 27. Can’t wait until then? Use my link to save $5.

Interested in trying other bookish merch boxes? Check out my Book Merch Round Up.


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