Unboxing: Magical Neep Tea Shoppe ‘Chapter One: Pink Pixie Puff’

I am a rep for the company [Use ALISON10 to shop today!] but I purchased this box myself.

Magical Neep Tea Shoppe
Price: $29.99 + S&H

magical neep tea shoppe unboxing

This subscription box is a bit different. Each box contains a chapter of an original story, Tales of Tea and Terganon, as well as magical teas and trinkets. If you are a fan of a certain wizarding world, you’re sure to enjoy Magial Neep’s teas.

First thing out of the box was this adorable paper tea cup & saucer and Raspberry Meringues by Magical Neep Tea Shoppe.

Pin, Green Tea lip balm, & tea spoon

Pink Pixie Puff Tea

This yummy blend contains: black tea, raspberry leaf, rooibos tea, hibiscus, elderberry, currants, rose hips, cranberries, raspberries, & vanilla.

I’m drooling over the smell of this blend. I love that the tea is sparkly. I think there must be some sparkling sugar in it as well.

You can’t buy this blend in shop but there are some other tasty blends available.

Rose Lee’s White Chocolate Bits & Vanilla Sugar Cubes

As if the loose leaf tea above isn’t tasty enough, there’s also a recipe card to make Pink Pixie Puff Tea which calls for white chocolate bits. The vanilla sugar cubes are just an added bonus.

Love the idea of flavored sugar cubes? The shop has you covered in a wide variety of flavors and they’re super affordable ($2.99).

If we’re having tea, we obviously need a tea cup. This pink flower design will likely make an appearance in more photos!

A cute pink pixie puff was also included.

Finally, here’s the first chapter of Tales of Tea and Terganon.

Overall Impression

I was very pleased! I enjoyed that I was given everything to make a lovely pot of tea including a snack and the tea bags (not pictured). It’s a great way to set the atmosphere.

My only suggestion would be to include a ingredient card. I don’t have food allergies but I know many people do. That would allow those subscribers to safely enjoy their box.

Love What You See?

You can order Chapter Two: Mandrake Mint now. Remember to use ALISON10 to save!

Want to try another book box? Here’s a helpful guide.

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