Unboxing + Review: Dio Candle Company (July 2019)

Dio Candle Company Adorable Monthly Candle Subscription
US Based
$20 [Free shipping in US and Canada]
Box contains 4 Adorable Size Candles (1 oz) and a small extra gift each month.
*I was sent a free box in exchange for an honest review.

July’s Theme is Summer Vacation

Hotel Stay
Scent: Fancy Linens

I LOVE clean cotton smells so this was a win for me. The added notes of sandalwood and lemon add an extra surprise.

Scent: Coconut Spice

I love the sweet and spicy scent of this candle. This is a customizable candle so you too can have your name on it. Thanks Natasha!!

Saturday Morning Cartoons
Scent: Froot Loop Cereal

This totally smells like Froot Loops! I want to eat it.

Look at the back of Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Summer Reading List
Scent: Orange Flower, Neroli, & Musk

I’m always a fan of musky floral scents. This is a big win for me!

This was a great under-the-radar candle box. The extra little item this month is a key bottle opener that is the key to summer vacation. 😉

What I Like About Dio Candle Co

  • Super affordable. The box is only $20 and that’s including shipping to US & CA. It’s just $5 for the rest of the world.
  • Just the candles.
    • I’m getting overwhelmed with some the ‘stuff’ that comes in various boxes so just candles is a nice change.
  • Perfect size for a sampler box.
    • Yes, the candles are small but they’re adorable! They really are a good size for trying out new scents.

What I Didn’t Like About Dio Candle Co

  • The candles aren’t exclusive to the box [in case that is important to you.]
  • The candles aren’t 100% bookish.
    • That said, some of the past themes have bookish/inspired by books.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable candle subscription, Dio Candle Company’s Adorable subscription is a perfect fit for you.


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