I Need This Now: A Curse So Dark And Lonely Edition

As a book box addict, I’m no stranger to bookish merch. I Need  This Now will hopefully be a feature where I show off some amazing book merchandise for books/series that get overlooked.

Today’s focus is A Curse So Dark And Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer. Click the photo to check out the product.

Brittany at Novelly Yours Candles loved the story as much as I did so she made Ironrose the candle of the month. Naturally, I bought one.

Fairie Tales Candles made an exclusive candle for Cre8ive.inspirations book box.

A Bookish Flickering has quite the array of candles.

Wick & Jane made a Rhen candle.

BookBookOwl created this beautiful bookmark.

Ahhh! I love this signs on middle bookmark from JessicaJadeDesigns.

Flickewix Candles fell in love with the story and created some amazing candles for the series.

Have you seen any really great merch for A Curse So Dark and Lonely?
Share it in the comments!

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