Unboxing + Thoughts On: Book Of The Month YA (May 2019)

The creative minds behind Book of the Month reached out to me about their new YA box. They sent me a review box. [I’m now a BOTM affiliate! If you click the links in this article and subscribe, I get a small commission at no cost to you.]

Book of the Month YA is different than the book boxes I usually subscribe to. It’s literally just a book. Sounds like a great option for the bookworms who are growing fatigued with the stuff that comes in typical book boxes.

Book of the Month YA is US based and the box is $14.99.

Sound awesome? Jump below to take a look at the May review box I received as well as a break down of all the information you need to know about BOTM YA.

Review box I was sent

The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu was one of the May titles.

I was also sent a BOTM cookie and enamel bookmoji pins! [These aren’t available in typical boxes.]

What I Like About Book of the Month YA

  • Free shipping! Since BOTM YA is competing with Amazon, this is pretty much necessary. Who wants to spend $14+ on a book and then pay for shipping on top of that?
  • You get to select your book. Towards the end of the month, BOTM YA will release the next month’s selections. As a subscriber, you can select the book you want or skip. No more ending up with a book you don’t want.
    • You also have to option of adding other books to your box. You can select from the current month or previous months.
    • Those additional books are only $9.99
  • Variety of titles.
    • I’m a huge fantasy/sci-fan. Most of the YA book boxes out there cater to readers like me.
    • BOTM YA gives fans of other genres options.
      • Past months genres have included: Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Historical Fantasy, Memoir.
  • You can do research on the titles right on the site. See below for an example.
Snapshot information about one of the options for June

What I Didn’t Like About Book of the Month YA

  • Currently US only.
    • This doesn’t directly affect me but I know I have many international readers.
  • Book isn’t signed.
    • Then again the books I buy at Barnes & Noble aren’t either. It’s really not a deal breaker.
  • Book of the Month YA puts their logo directly on the book.
    • It’s not really a bad thing and it’s not really in your face.
    • I know some readers are VERY particular about their books so I wanted to point it out.
  • If you don’t have an account, it can be tricky to see what the current month books are on the website.
All books have the logo in the top right corner of the cover
Books also have a logo stamp with the date on the naked book.

Final Verdict

As far as book only options go, this is a pretty great deal. It’s cheaper than other book box options, you get to choose your book, AND you have free shipping.

Grab your June box now!


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