Unboxing: Flickerwix Catalyst and Chaos Candle Box (April 2019)


Price: $35.00 + Shipping [Discounts given with longer subscriptions & Rep codes]

US Based

Ships Monthly

I’ve been a Flickerwix fan for quite a while so I was thrilled to finally be able to snag a candle box. I’ve been waiting for a theme I love and I couldn’t be happier with this box. Spoilers after the jump.

Can you say ‘WOW’? I love this so much. One of the really fun things about Flickerwix’s candle boxes is the specially designed box. Yep, each box is totally bookshelf worthy! This gorgeous box design is by @stellabookishart and the goregous Kady Grant art print/spoiler card is by @oxida.

Let’s get started with the glitter baby candles!

Squad 312 – 4 oz candle (Aurora Rising inspired) | Cool mint, Vanilla, & Deep Space

The Illuminae Group – 2 oz candle (Illuminae inspired) | Sugar, Berries, Citrus, & Moxie

Beitech Pounders – 2 oz candle (Illuminae inspired) | Citrus, Nutmeg & Crushed Civilians

Lucy, The Space Cow – 2 oz candle (Illuminae inspired) | Alfalfa, Ozone, & Fresh Clover

Stronger Together– Melts (Lifel1k3 inspired) | Vanilla, Berries, & Pomegranate

They all smell great. Even scents that I’m not typically keen on (Lucy) are wonderful. I think my favorite of the lot is Squad 312.

Yes! There’s SO much more than candles in this wonderful box.

We have a double sided woodmark inspired by Lifel1k3, space themed page flags, and galaxy printed washi tape.

Every month, a charm is included to add to a charm bracelet. Book Dragon Supply (Flickerwix’s merch shop) can hook you up with a starter bracelet.

Also included was a cute rocketship pendant necklace! It’s the perfect accessory for my Summer Reading Program wardrobe this summer!

Astronaut Book Light and AIDAN power bank are perfect accessories for every book lover.

The final goodie in this box is a beautiful pillowcase by Stella Bookish Art.

Seriously, how AMAZING was this box?! I loved everything in it.

May’s box is sold out but keep an eye on the website. June’s box will be available before you know it!


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