Shop Bookish, Shop Small: Flickerwix

A side effect of my bookstagram hobby is finding amazing small bookish shops! I plan on highlighting some of the wonderful shops I’ve discovered. Get your wallet out!



Full disclaimer: I was a Flickerwix rep but my love for Flickerwix candles began long before I was selected as a rep.

Katie (the mastermind behind Flickerwix) has a massive selection of fandoms for her candles.

What sets Flickerwix apart from other bookish candle stores out there?

The glitter!

Every candle is PACKED with glitter.

It doesn’t hurt that they smell fabulous as well.

I’m a fan of the scent ‘notes’ on the candles. They’re always a mixture of wonderful smelling items and cute nods to the story.

Like many candle stores, Flickerwix offers melts in addition to candles. As a fun twist, many scents have Candle Dragon kits available. Candle Dragon kits offer the candle and melt at a discounted price so candle lovers can use the melts and allow the candle to remain unburned for pics and display.

Flickerwix also has a monthly candle box. Each month box includes:

  • 1 4 oz glass jar candle
  • 3 2 oz glass jar or black tin candle
  • 4-6 bookish goodies
  • Custom designed box

All for $35 +shipping!

Ready to get your own glitter baby? Shop away!


3 thoughts on “Shop Bookish, Shop Small: Flickerwix

  1. I love Flickerwix! I have way too many candles at home now from all the amazing candle boxes out there


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