Shop Bookish, Shop Small: The Simply Bookish Co.

A side effect of my bookstagram hobby is finding amazing small bookish shops! I plan on highlighting some of the wonderful shops I’ve discovered. Get your wallet out!

The Simply Bookish Co

Check out the shiny new website!

The Simply Bookish Co. is best known for their tea.

These cute little jars are a great way to sample a tea AND they come with cute round labels.

Once you’ve found a blend you enjoy, you can treat yourself to a larger tin! These typically make 8-10 servings of tea.

Looking for a recommendation? Here are some of my favorite blends!

  • Nectar (Percy Jackson inspired). Vanilla Black tea with chocolate pieces.
  • Chocolate Frog (Harry Potter inspired). Decaf blend of chocolate and chai.
  • Amren (A Court of Thorns and Roses inspired). Chai black tea.
  • Christmas in the Great Hall (Harry Potter inspired). Peppermint and Chocolate tea.

Maybe tea isn’t your thing. That’s okay! The shop also offers mug rugs (some of them have beautiful embroidery!) and coasters.

Every reader can use bookmarks and woodmarks!

They’ve even started offering tea boxes. Sprites and Starlight is the current box. Here’s my unboxing of the Winter Indulgence box so get can get an idea of what may come in the box.

The store restocks frequently so make sure to keep an eye on it.


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