Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Trailers


I just found out that Guillermo del Toro is adapting the book(s) into a movie this summer. As your typical 90’s kid, I devoured the books. I re-read them last year and while they didn’t terrify me, I still am interested in seeing more.

Red Spot

I remember this story. I still get a little freaked out by mysterious spots.

Pale Lady

I don’t remember the Pale Lady’s story but I certainly remember her illustration.

Big Toe

Uhhhh what in the world is the movie going to be rated?! That creature looks HORRIFYING.

Jangly Man

As if this movie was going to scary enough, Del Toro is writing some additional stories for the movie.

Did you read the books growing up?

Are you planning to see this movie this Summer?


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