Book Review: “The Glass Spare”

“The Glass Spare” by Lauren DeStefano

Source: Owlcrate

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy


A banished princess. A deadly curse. A kingdom at war. Wil is the youngest spare and the only daughter to the world’s wealthiest king. Sharing a castle with the nation’s heir and her alchemist prodigy of a brother, Wil has honed her invisibility as her strength. That is, until the day she discovers her deadly power: she can crystallize living things—even people—with a touch. After a tragedy changes the course of her life, she must help the kingdom that’s turned its back on her, even as it descends into war.


This book seems like something I’d love. Princess who’s not what she seems? Check. Warring kingdoms? Check. Court politics? Check. Romance that’s really not romance? Check. Despite, all that I was left feeling underwhelmed. I did enjoy the technology aspects of this world.  It wasn’t your typical fantasy world that takes place in the past with rudimentary technology. We have elements of that but then we also have electricity and cars and data goggles. It makes for a different type of fantasy world.

I love Wil’s relationship with her brothers. Far too often in YA books, sibling relationships aren’t great and are rather strained. Owen clearly loved his sister and was willing to do everything he could to help her. He had a lot of weight on his shoulders being the heir and yet yet still took the risks for his sister. He didn’t see her as the monster she saw. Gertie was delightful too. I love his inventions.

The story just left me wanting more. The kidnapping-to-show-how-bad-things-are trope really isn’t my favorite. I wish we could have spent more time in the kingdom to see how bad things are. It felt like it was too much telling and not enough showing.

The bottom line? Underwhelming and left me wanting more. The Cursed Sea (book 2) just came out. Does the story get better? Should I pick it up while book 1 is still fresh in my mind?


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